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As you know, recruiting software salespeople isn’t easy. Separating out the performers from the rest is both an art and a science. After years of recruiting software salespeople, taking more than our fair share of hard knocks and spinning our wheels with candidates not ready to make a move, we have earned the reputation as a firm that can deliver results quickly. We’re proud of the rep too.

Since 2004, Optimal Sales Search has been working with high-growth organizations to recruit and successfully hire sales and sales management talent. Our recruitment team is small, fierce, specialized and highly experienced. With more than 200 sales hires behind our belt, we are confident we can help you find the right sales professional for your team.

We have helped several software companies double, triple and even quadruple sales revenues. We have taken start-ups from infancy to fully staffed sales teams nationwide. We believe we can do the same for you! Whether you have one territory to fill or multiple positions to recruit for, we can help! We offer the following software sales recruitment services:

What's Our Recipe for Software Sales Recruiting Success?

Software Sales Specialization

Specialization has allowed us to develop a deeper talent pool, a stronger understanding of the challenges you face and the ability to set up quality interviews with pinpoint accuracy. We talk to sales leaders and sales professionals in your field all day. We are known for scouting the hunters who understand how to win new clients in greenfield markets, introduce disruptive technology and sell in managed chaos.

Sales Recruiting Key #2: Laser Focus on Software Sales Hunters

We go where the Hunters go…and we rarely find them hanging out online answering ads! Our recruitment sales strategy consists of time-tested fundamentals, multiple recruitment channels, referrals, ongoing network development and our database which has been carefully cultivated over the years. This means we can identify hunters with a high level of precision and speed.

We go deep, get our hands dirty and dive in the trenches to uncover the best possible candidates for your firm’s software sales recruitment needs.

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