Hire Sales Talent Faster   |    Increase Quality Selection  |  Put Sales Hiring Odds in Your Favor

How Robust is Your Sales Recruitment Funnel?

If you are ready to grow your sales team faster and make smarter hires then we can help! We are a software sales recruitment firm that can help you source, attract, and hire mid-to-senior level software sales professionals. We can help you hire top sales talent as if your company's success depends on it.

Hire Sales Talent Faster

Optimal Sales Search helps your organization meet the right sales professionals. With an intense research methodology, and the experience of working with sales professionals, we have what it takes to help you find sales talent eager to help you win, manage, and retain new business.

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  • Meet Top Sales Candidates Minimize time spent sourcing talent. We can cut this right out of your recruitment process.
  • Stress Less We find sales performers. That's all we do! We know recruiting sales professionals has it's own set of unique challenges.
  • No More Awkward Interviews Meeting with an Inside Business Development candidate when you expect to meet an Enterprise Field Sales candidate is not productive. Save your limited interview time for best-matched candidates.

Increase Quality Selection

We open the talent pool by aggressively recruiting both passive and active candidates. We use up-to-date recruitment strategies to widen candidate selection. Increasing the candidate pipeline provides you with an a comprehensive view of the ever-changing talent market.

  • Recruitment Data Intelligence Leverage our ability to use customized research, social media, and corporate intelligence to identify and locate top sales talent quickly. Using data to plan and execute a meaningful recruitment strategy is our specialty.
  • Advanced Sourcing Strategies help us conquer hard to fill sales openings. Difficult to find skill sets are the name of the game in today's recruitment arena! You can relax and enjoy a streamlined and customized search process.
  • The Total Fit  Company values, goals, and management style are variables which make or break a search. Understanding goes a long way to ensure potential applicant matches are strong choices.

Maximize Sales Hiring Success

Hiring the best sales professionals you can is essential to growing your organization and attracting premier customers. It can also be a costly investment. We can help you minimize hiring risk on several fronts.

  • Dedicated Sales Recruiter Your sales opening will be managed by an experienced software sales recruiter  who will  lead your search from start to finish with gusto.
  • Sales Recruitment Expertise Since 2004 we have been recruiting for the sales function, successfully completing more than 200+ sales hires across the country. In 2009, our focus turned exclusively to the software industry.
  • Easy Collaboration The recruitment process is highly collaborative. You will be updated on your search's status, so you can keep your attention focused on selection.