Sure, working with sales talent is Great Fun,  but recruiting software salespeople professionals who consistently perform is harder than it looks! We have made the time investment needed in the marketplace to introduce you to a deep network of potential software sales candidates for your search. Our specialty in the software space has given us the focus required to execute a sales search with specific requirements quickly.

After years of recruiting software salespeople, taking more than our fair share of hard knocks and learning from our mistakes, we have earned the reputation as a firm that can deliver results quickly. We’re proud of the rep too.

Since 2004, Optimal Sales Search has been working with high-growth organizations to recruit and successfully hire sales and sales management talent. Celebrating more than 10 years in business, we are confident we can help you find the right sales professionals for your team.

We have helped software companies significantly impact sales revenues by hiring the people who know how to bring in new clients and lead ambitious teams. We have worked with companies of all sizes to recruit high-performance sales professionals. Whether you are a launching a new offering, adding more reps to gain market share, or just starting up; if you are looking to hire field sales reps or sales leadership who can help you grow, we can find them! Whether you have one territory to fill, a confidential search, or sales leadership positions to recruit for, we're here for you! We offer the following software sales recruitment services:


What's Our Recipe for Software Sales Recruiting Success?

Sales Recruiting Key #1:Every day we are building software sales and software sales leadership talent pipeline for our current clients

We are out in your industry marketplace, scouting around for software sales talent every day--and that alone gives us significant advantages when starting your search. We don't recruit for anything else! Specialization by both vertical and function has allowed us to develop a deeper talent pool, a stronger understanding of the challenges you face, and the ability to set up quality interviews with pinpoint accuracy. We talk to sales leaders and sales professionals in the software space all day. We don't recruit for marketing, accounting, engineering, operations or any other function. We don't recruit in the IT, hardware or telecom space either. We are known for scouting the hunters who understand how to win new clients in greenfield markets, introduce disruptive technology and sell in managed chaos.

Sales Recruiting Key #2: we give our clients more serious contenders for their open sales positions

It's no secret like any strong recruitment firm, we advertise most of our open positions and use the latest technology, including LinkedIn Recruiter. If we didn't use these tools, we would be leaving stones unturned and that's just not our style. Make no mistake that these are just a few of many foundational tools we use to build our sales recruitment pipeline. Our recruitment strategy consists of time-tested fundamentals, multiple recruitment mediums, referrals, ongoing network development and a talent pipeline which has been carefully cultivated and nurtured over the years. Of course, the "tools of the trade" change over the years as do hiring markets, economic circumstances, and the like..but really it's our commitment to your success that makes the difference.  Motivation, drive, and the desire to deliver the best sales and sales leadership talent makes most of the difference.

If you are a software firm looking for an organization that executes a proactive sales recruitment strategy, we might be right for you! We go deep, get our hands dirty and dive in the trenches to uncover the best possible candidates for your firm's software sales recruitment needs.

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Give Us a Call  today or email us and let’s discuss your situation. One thing for sure, we do know how to recruit the best sales talent the market has to offer, and since we've been doing it for a while, we certainly have a nice head start. Shoot us an email and let's set up a time to chat about your sales recruitment situation: