Interview Cheat Sheet for Hiring Managers

14 Must Ask Interview Questions

Grab & Go Cheat Sheet for Sales Hiring Managers

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Walk out of your next interview confident you have the right information to make a strong hiring recommendation. Better interviews mean stronger sales hires every time. Asking the right questions and following an interview process saves time, and results in higher quality hires. It's so easy with our one page cheat sheet! Grab our 14 Must ask Sales Interview Questions so you can......

  • Interview like a pro with a clear, deliberate, and effective system
  • Leave the interview EVERY TIME with the information you need
  • Conduct highly productive interviews because you're asking all the right questions
  • Capture the right information without even thinking about it
  • Maintain focus on applicant in front of you, not the questions you need to remember to ask next

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Once you sign up, you'll also receive an extra bonus interview tool--our Insider's Interview Form. This three page PDF is easy to use, and will help you easily capture the essential and critical information you need to recruit an all star sales team all in one convenient place.

  • Winging interviews will be a thing of the past
  • You'll have a document carefully designed to record fundamental information, next action steps, candidate motivators and more......
  • Gather all the vital information you NEED to know in one easy to locate place

14 Key Questions You Need Answered Before Making Your Next Sales Hire

Here's the undeniable truth: Better questions lead to better interviews, which lead to better sales hires. Consistent and structured questions leads to more focused interviews. The 14 Essential Questions in our Grab & Go Guide will help you capturing better information and build killer sales teams! Elevate your hiring game today, simply sign up with your name and corporate email address and grab our cheat sheet now!

Cruise Through Sales Interviews by Asking the Right Questions

No more winging it in sales interviews. Get the information you need to stay organized and make the best decisions you can with these fourteen must ask interview questions. These thoughtful, fourteen questions are vital and will provide you with the foundation necessary to conduct comprehensive sales interviews, eliminating haphazard hiring forever and instead putting you in a position to out-hire your competitors!

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Our ultimate goal is to provide ambitious software companies with the sales talent they need to scale, grow, and take out their competitors. Sign up for our Interview Guide and get access to the information you need to make killer sales hires!



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