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Nationwide Sales Recruiting Made Easy: Enjoy Working with One Point of Contact

Looking to rapidly expand your sales force?  Whether you are looking to hire three sales reps or thirty, we can provide you with an exclusive pool of sales talent and a time-tested recruitment plan that can help your company achieve profitable revenue growth.

Recruiting for Multiple Territories is so Easy with One Point of Contact

  • Pain Free Multiple Region Recruiting Have you ever worked with a sales recruiter in Dallas, and another one in New York for the same role? This is very repetitive and time intensive. No need to repeat your hiring requirements over and over to a different recruiter in each territory. If you're hiring in multiple cities, you only need to work with one recruiter to conduct a search in multiple regions.
  • Avoid Diluting Your Recruitment Message When you work with one point of contact, you save massive amounts of energy. Over time, giving interview feedback, communicating skill requirements, discussing territory nuances, etc.. can become watered-down because you've already had this conversation multiple times. Save yourself the monotony and avoid a watered-down message by having one point of contact.
  • Quality Outcomes When you invest time with one point of contact, you develop a deeper understanding of how that particular recruiter works, what they need from you, and how to guide them in their search efforts. Spending time with one point of contact will ultimately lead you to higher quality outcomes. Learning takes place, deeper understanding of job search requirements are gained and recruitment accuracy is honed.

One Point of Contact Saves Time

When you are ready to conduct a search for multiple territories, we make it easy for you to save time and energy in the recruitment process. With one point of contact for national searches, you will spend less time on the phone with recruiters, and more time meeting with interested software sales candidates.

We can help you solve your most challenging sales recruitment problems and accomplish quality hires in less time.

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