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There are endless recruitment tools, platforms, job boards, and sourcing methods. It's easy to wind up wasting loads of time. Days turn into weeks, and you still don't have the people you need. But when you build a relationship with a trusted partner, you can spend your time where it matters most: meeting candidates, assessing last-mile fit, and making decisions.

Once we understand your goals, culture, hiring profile, and solutions; we can introduce you to prospective sales hires in as few as 5 to 10 business days depending on the search.

We obsess over every single sales hire so you don't have to.

Proactively sourcing sales talent is time intensive. Working with the right software sales recruitment agency can cure recruitment headaches. Contact Optimal Sales Search today to discuss your sales hiring situation.

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We Actively Recruit for Field, & Management Level Sales Positions

  • Vice President, Sales
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • National Sales Director
  • National Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Major Account Manager
  • Global Account Manager
  • Enterprise Account Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Executive Vice President of Sales
  • Key Account Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Account Executive
  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Enterprise Account Manager
  • Channel Sales
  • SMB Account Executive
  • Public Account Executive
  • Demand Generation Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Inside Sales Manager

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Need a hand? Contact Optimal Sales Search to discuss your technology sales-hiring needs! We invite you to work with a sales recruiter who understands how important key sales hires are to your organization. Contact us today at 888.877.0969; contact@optimalss.com.