When Speed Counts, Our Foot is on the Gas

Maybe you have been looking for the ideal hire for some time, or just need to get a few sales hires in place quickly. We can help. When speed matters, you can count of us! Not only are we fast when it comes to identifying sales talent, our aim is also accurate. Experience combined with industry specialization in the technology and software verticals helps us quickly scout and assess sales talent with rapid precision.

Ambitious companies who work with Optimal Sales Search have come to expect:

  • On-target software and technology sales candidates
  • Interview ready sales candidates in 5-10 business days depending on the level of search and requirements
  • Informed and interested applicants
  • Potential hires within the specified target compensation range

Contact Us Today and Get Experienced Software and Technology Sales Recruiters On the Case!

Contact Optimal Sales Search to discuss your sales-hiring needs! Work with a sales recruiter who isn't afraid to burn the midnight oil when it comes to recruiting key leadership and experienced sales hires for your organization. Contact us today at 510.227.6677; contact@optimalss.com.