The Sales Recruiting Process

Software & Technology Sales Hires Made Easy

Assign your sales opening to a high-performing software sales recruiter today! Getting started is easy. When you schedule a time to chat with a Sales Recruiter from Optimal your search could be launched the same day! Just four easy steps to the collaboration process:

number one sales recruiting

Tell Us about Your Sales Opening Together we will review the history of the position, the company objectives, hiring goals, key requirements and more. 


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Sign a Simple Two Page Fee Agreement Review and sign a concise agreement and get your searched kicked off quickly!  Relax and Kick Back Wait five to ten business days before strong candidate profiles are presented to you by Optimal Sales Search. During this time, your recruiter will be working hard to source and engage top sales talent on your behalf.


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Interview Best Fit Sales Candidates Meet candidates who are interested in your opportunity and matched to your target compensation, objectives, skills, and company values. Provide your recruiter with feedback after every interview to increase chances of making a successful hire. Decide and Propose Once your team's selection has been made, you'll put together your best offer. We will work with you and the lucky candidate to arrive at a winning agreement for everyone.

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Search Completion and Guarantee You'll hear from us after your new employee starts, because we want to make sure we've fulfilled our commitment to your firm. Staying in touch is an important part of our process and we guarantee our work. We want to build a long-term relationship with you and your organization.


Recruit Better Sales Professionals

Get Specialized Sales Recruiting Expertise on Your Hiring Team. Let's schedule a call and chat about your sales recruitment situation. Contact us today at 510.227.6677 or email to discuss your sales-hiring plans. We invite you to work with a sales recruiter who understands how important key sales hires are to your organization. It's never been easier to get started. Contact us today at 510.227.6677.