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for the truly ambitious.

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  • Sales professionals are the cornerstone of our business. We recruit leaders, hunters, and account managers.
  • We recruit sales professionals who have expertise in your space, domain, or target vertical markets.        
  • We recruit for sales positions at the individual and leadership levels with base salaries ranging from $100K - $200K + commission + bonus + equity.
  • Nationwide Recruiting: San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles and more.
  • Large--Growing--Domestic--Public-- International--Private Software & Technology Companies.
  • Contingency based sales recruiting for the technology and software industries.  Specialized sales talent with 5+ years of experience is our specialty.

Sales Recruiting

Sales recruiting can be an enormous waste of time. Nothing eats time like recruiting. It's a highly inefficient process, yet nothing's more effective than direct recruiting. Using a skilled recruiter means you can find the right people in half the time.

Hiring right is powerful. It'll make all the difference in how you spend the next year.


High-performance sales talent who'll help you meet your goals. Open the door to sales pros who are motivated to win new clients and get new deals in the door. Whether you need a leader, account manager, or someone to bring in new business, we increase the quality of the candidates you interview.

Tap into candidates who aren't knocking on your door. We know where to find them and most importantly, how to engage them.

Prudent Risk

If you're in charge of hiring, your neck is on the line. Hiring right goes beyond writing snappy job descriptions and implementing today's new interview methods that are all the rage.

We'll bring you the level of sales talent you need to conquer your hiring and revenue goals and minimize your hiring risks.

Extend your reach. Get a good look at who's out there. Do it right and hire the best you can, not the best of what's around.


Your Biggest Sales Recruiting Problems Solved

Interview and hire the kind of sales talent you need to succeed.  We've been showing up day-after-day for more than ten years, diligently, and deliberately recruiting sales candidates. Slowly building networks, testing new recruitment tools, creating lists, discovering new sales talent, interviewing, and taking massive action. We use leading-edge recruitment strategies to widen candidate selection and extend our client's reach. Increasing the candidate pipeline and providing our client's with a complete view of the ever-changing talent market.

Ultimately, we bring you better choices. Because we know what "better" looks like.


Recruitment Data Intelligence Leverage our customized research, social media, and corporate intelligence to recruit top sales talent quickly. Using data to plan and execute a meaningful and comprehensive recruitment strategy is our specialty.


Customized Recruiting Strategies help us conquer tough to fill sales openings. Hard to find skill sets are our specialty! With a proven and customized search process that works, we can help you find sales talent with specialized experience.


Ready to Go we are quick to pick up the nuances of your search at warp speed. Chances are we've completed a similar search recently. Expertise is the biggest advantage of using a specialized recruitment firm that only works in your industry for the sales function.

Maximize Software & Technology Sales Hiring Success

Without a doubt, hiring the best sales professionals you can is a key ingredient to growing your organization and attracting quality customers. It can also be a costly investment. Done poorly and you've wasted resources, time, and customer acquisition opportunities. We help you minimize the hiring risk and increase your odds of getting it right the first time around.

Dedicated Sales Recruiter Your sales openings will be managed by an experienced software sales recruiter who will lead the search from start to finish.

Software Industry Specialization Since 2004 we have been recruiting for the sales function, successfully completing more than 400+ sales hires across the country. In 2009, our focus turned exclusively to the software industry with an emphasis on business applications.

Avoid Stumbling Blocks Sales recruiting is harder to pull off than it looks. There's a lot of room for error. Grand Canyon amounts. Working with an experienced recruiter means you can minimize time wasting surprises. You'll be able to stay focused on candidates who meet your criteria, budget, and are giving your opportunity careful consideration.