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Ready to hire sales professionals? If you're like most technology firms, you're frustrated with the quality of candidates you're seeing for your open sales positions.  

Perhaps you'd like to hire a candidate from one of your competitors? Want someone with specific, hard to find domain expertise? That's where we can help. With more than a decade of sales recruitment experience, we've got you covered. Get ready for more choices, better candidates, and faster time to fill rates.

We'll Help You Recruit and Hire the Best Talent in Your Industry

Matched with Precision Ever meet with a candidate who's just not the right fit? Sales recruiting isn't always apples to apples. When we take on your search, we'll spend the necessary time to understand your unique hiring profile, company culture, and goals. When we make a referral, you can be assured we'll be on target with your specific requirements.

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Unlike job boards, generalist recruitment firms, and rookie recruiters, we don't flood your inbox with resumes. Our job is to save you time, and we do this by understanding the types of candidates you want to interview. After we have a good handle on your sales opening, we'll introduce you to a select slate of candidates who are interested and meet your top requirements.

Cut Time to Fill Rates by 52% It's a big claim, but it's true. Because we're a specialized firm and we're recruiting in your industry for the sales function each and every day and have been for years, we can save you a lot of wasted time.

We know the market, what types of candidates can be found within particular organizations, and where to find the best talent available.

If you're tired of spinning your wheels with little to show for your recruitment efforts, we can help. Depending on the level of your search and your specific requirements, geography, and hiring process, we can start introducing you to highly-matched candidates in as few as five to ten business days.

Interview Interested Candidates When we recruit top sales talent, we attempt to recruit candidates who are ultimately not interested, ready to make a move, or willing to start over. We owe it to our clients to ask the best candidates with the right qualifications. But we know our clients must also spend the majority of their time with candidates who can see the value in their organization, career path, and solutions.

We will get the right candidates in front of you who are interested in taking the first steps and exploring your roll in more depth. But we won't waste your time with candidates who just aren't interested enough in what you have to offer.


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