Shorten the Interview Process to Recruit and Hire The Best Sales Talent

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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drag Out the Interview Process

TBST is the very best sales talent. These are the highest-performing reps of any team. These are the people who’ll make the most significant impact on your team. They are the salespeople who have the highest probability of helping you achieve your revenue goals. These are the people who will help you compete and win.

But if you’re stuck in long interview cycles and assuming you’re interviewing TBST at all, you’re probably losing TBST to the competition. And it’s time to do something about it. It’s time to rethink the interview process. If you absolutely must reach your sales goals, you can’t afford to get stuck in long interview cycles with TBST.

Long sales cycles will only waste your time and increase your chances of hiring average-performing sales talent. And today’s average-performing sales talent is probably not hitting quota and definitely not exceeding it. Their chances of suddenly performing for you and your team aren’t bets you want to make with your career.

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10 Reasons why TBST isn’t joining your team if you have a long interview process


1.       TBST loves to decide and start. They know what they want, and if they want to work for you, they want to work for you now. If they’re interested in your organization and your role, they’ll want to work with other decision-makers.  They’ll lose interest if you delay connecting them with the right people in your organization or if you put off making a decision. They will move on to other opportunities and land with companies that can put together a firm offer.

2.       TBST needs to know your 100% in on them. They are used to producing results and focusing on delivering on their commitments. When they meet with you, and you meet with them, they want to know if you’re in or out. If you’re in on them, they want you 100% in. They don’t want to hear you’re going to decide in a few weeks. In a few weeks, they’ll have other offers that are likely to be better than the one you planned on extending. We can tell you from experience we’ve seen sign-on bonuses ranging from 25K-35K for the top 10% in 2021.

3.       TBST gets multiple offers. When TBST dips a tiny toe in the market, they don’t last long. And word gets out fast that they’re entertaining offers. They have more choices than most salespeople, so the longer you delay, the more time they have to generate competition.  Keep in mind; you’re competing with their old boss, former colleagues, and everyone who knows what they bring to the table. They can and will get multiple offers quickly, so don’t delay. It will only make the competition worse for you.

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4.       TBST will go to the company that makes a quick, decisive, and generous offer. This means you may have to think about draws, sign-on bonuses, and generous base salaries. If you’re under the impression that natural salespeople are commission-hungry, it’s true; they are. But they want generous commission payouts in addition to guaranteed compensation. They’re proven, and they could, but have no need to, work for less. So they don’t. If you drag out the interview process, you’ll be letting TBST slip away to your competitors. So unless you want to compete against them, put together your best offer.

5.       Unlike mediocre sales talent, TBST are some of the most decisive salespeople you’ll meet. They know their worth, what they want, and what they can deliver. Now, isn’t this the kind of sales talent your team will enjoy working with? This is the kind of mindset that energizes sales teams and brings in clients that may have been inaccessible to you before hiring TBST.

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6.       TBST runs with TBST. If you can win one of the best, they’ll help you hire more TBST. The sooner you stop interviewing and start hiring TBST, the sooner you’ll be able to hire more. Once you get the momentum going, you’ll have a whole team of TBST, and life will become more manageable. You’ll generate more revenue, you’ll win more significant deals, and you’ll have more fun doing it.

7.       TBST won’t take their next job based on a brand name. If you think TBST will go to Google, Amazon, Facebook, or Microsoft over your organization, reconsider. TBST bets on themselves. They know their best chance of hitting it out of the park with a high-growth software company. So if you bring equity, market-relevant products, and strong leadership, they can deliver the rest. The only time you’ll get beat by the big guys is if you start moving slowly like a lumbering elephant. If you’re a growing organization, it’s best to conduct your interview cycle swiftly and strike a deal quickly.

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8.       TBST will bring you, clients, you never dreamed you could land. Many companies with less than 200 people can land large and significant Enterprise deals with the right salespeople. We have clients under 50 employees that have won deals with 40,000+ employee organizations. Don’t let TBST slip away because of a lengthy interview process.

9.       TBST needs less time and resources from you. If you hire TBST, they’ll require little hand-holding from you. They’ll work well with your team, bring in resources to help advance deals, but they won’t keep tire-kickers in the pipeline doing demo after demo with prospects who aren’t serious about buying. But if you scare them away with indecision and lengthy interview rounds, they’ll go elsewhere, and you’ll wind up hiring the leftover sales talent.

10.   TBST remains hungry. Even when they have a great year, they’ll approach the next year as if they lost all their money in a house fire and they need to rebuild. This kind of hunter loves speed and is drawn to action. So if you can move your interview process along, you’ll have a better chance of hiring them.

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Don't Miss Out on TBST

Every week that passes in the interview phase is a week of pipeline that’s not being built. Other companies have swooped in on TBST and made generous offers, including sign-on bonuses for a quick YES decision. So stop losing out on talent. It will cost you for years. Understand what long interview processes are costing you, and decide and take action on candidates quickly. Otherwise, prepare yourself to hire the middle of the pack, which will require an investment in continuous training and yield mediocre results.

If you’re not seeing enough TBST, and you’re probably not, perhaps we can help. Reach out to us, and let’s discuss your recruiting situation today.