5 Proven Methods for Building a High-Performance Sales Culture

What Do Top Performing Sales Reps Want?

To build a rock solid high-performance company you must hire the best salespeople you can recruit.

So, what can you do to attract A-players?

First, it’s important to understand what salespeople want.

What keeps salespeople engaged? When we ask thousands of sales reps across the country what kinds of environments they thrive in, we heard common themes.

Understanding What the Top 25% of Salespeople Want

#1-Salespeople Want Strong Commissions

According to Spherion Staffing’s 2017 Emerging Workforce Study, 20% of the survey participants cited compensation as the primary reason they will seek new job opportunities.

Salespeople want strong base salaries and the ability to earn strong commissions.

Salespeople want aggressive compensation plans where they can earn more as they exceed quota objectives.

If they feel underpaid for overachieving, you can be sure they won’t stick around. When salespeople are making money for exceeding their goals, they are at their best.

#2-Salespeople Want Recognition

Recognition in public and private are equally important.

Most companies do a good job at publicly recognizing salespeople through annual programs including club, trips, and awards.

But private recognition is often too infrequent.

When was the last time you called your top rep and told them you were impressed with their achievements?

Salespeople will perform better and stay longer when they are given specific praise. Whether you send a handwritten card or take them to dinner for a job well done, it’s important to purposefully praise your top salespeople frequently and often.

#3-Salespeople Want Rewards

Everyone loves rewards. Bonuses, PTO days, and cool technology are expected benefits. So, what kinds of rewards are salespeople looking for?  The only way you’ll know is to ask!

Not everyone likes the same types of rewards.

Some salespeople cherish plaques and trophies and never forget where and when they were given.

Others feel nothing for trophies but will feel truly rewarded when they’re taken to dinner by senior management.

The only way you will know what types of rewards matter to your salespeople is to ask them.

#4-Salespeople Want Challenging Goals

Almost everyone likes a good challenge. Challenges keep us focused, engaged, and striving towards the future.

They make us stretch our ideas about what’s possible and help us leave our comfort zone. When we reach our goals, we feel a sense of accomplishment. Encouraging your sales reps to challenge themselves furthers their professional development.  

#5-Salespeople Want Strong Role Models

Role models are the best-kept secret of high-performance sales teams. Anyone can become a role model including executive management, sales leadership, and high-performing salespeople.

Without a doubt, the sales leader is one of the most visible and highly scrutinized role models on the sales team.

How the sales leader behaves sets the tone for the sales force. Because their actions are on display, having a strong sales leader with the right attitude and values will benefit the entire team.

Their responsiveness, organizational skills, choice of words, and overall excitement about the company are observed and emulated by everyone on their team.

Similarly, salespeople can find role models within their own peer group. They enjoy working with other high-performers who they can learn from and who will push them competitively.

Top Performing Salespeople Help Employers Exceed Revenue Targets and Drive Results

Recruiting top sales talent and keeping high-performers happy will help you achieve your revenue goals.  Use these ideas to keep the sales team engaged, productive, and performing at high levels.

Clearly, keeping employees engaged isn’t easy. But what if you could use these strategies to attract, recruit, and engage your sales force?

By strategically giving salespeople the experiences they want, you’ll reap the rewards of a highly productive sales team.

And what more could any employer want than to win more business, exceed revenue targets, and attract ideal sales talent.