Three Signs Your Overthinking Your Next Sales Hire

Are You Sabotaging Your Own Sales Recruiting Efforts?

Hiring is difficult. In some cases you’ll spend more time recruiting for someone than they will last in the job!

But if you are struggling with your next hire, you could be overthinking things.

If you’ve noticed during the recruiting process ……

#1--The position has been open for more than 6 months.

Six months is a long time.

You could move across the country and make 4 new friends in six months.

You could close a 100K deal in six months.

There’s a 50% chance you celebrated your birthday and took a vacation by now.

So why haven’t you hired anyone?

If you think it’s because you haven’t found a candidate with the right skills, you might be overthinking your next sales hire.

When recruiting, it’s important to hire for primary skills but you won’t necessarily get all of the skills or attributes you’re looking for.

Depending on your company, the compensation, and your recruiting ability, you may have to settle for 80% of what you want.

#2--You keep focusing on what the candidates lack.

Unlike hiring a robot, hiring people is a messy venture. They come with personal lives, preferences, quirks, and personalities! These characteristics are all bundled together and impossible to untether from skills.  

If you’ve ever met a candidate that could be perfect for the job, except………

  • You don’t like how they talk too much sometimes.

  • They are a little loud.

  • They overuse the word ‘you know.’

You may be overthinking your next sales hire.

Depending on how targeted the talent pool is, you may not have a lot of choices if you want to keep narrowly defined major skills/domain expertise as the primary focus. Some of the softer attributes might have to be overlooked.

#3--You endlessly look at resumes, but you don’t interview anyone.

The grueling element of hiring is you don’t interview one person and hire them. You interview several people, and only one person gets the job.

You can make accurate assumptions based on a resume, but at the end of the day, resumes are simply paper summaries of condensed experience. If you want to hire the best candidate for the job, you simply need to start meeting people.

In January of 2018, sales and related ads increased 30,800 to a grand total of 476,900.  The supply/demand rate sits at  1.47 or one and a half unemployed job seekers for every advertised opening.

If you’re serious about hiring in 2018 it couldn’t be too soon to get started! So what action will you take today to start the interview funnel?

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