Reduce Sales Turnover in a Hot Tech Market with Training and Development

The Indirect Benefits of Sales Training

As the job market picks up steam in the technology sector and employees have more options, turnover becomes a heated topic.

In today’s job market, employers need to continuously protect their hiring investments and work hard to improve retention rates.

One way to increase retention rates is to implement training and development programs.

Sales training isn’t a tool used for reformation.

Or at least, it shouldn’t be. I’ve never seen a C player transformed into an A player via sales training. From a technical perspective, training gives sales people new ideas, more information, and new strategies to employ.

It helps with slow, incremental skill improvement.

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But at the end of the day, it’s up to the salesperson to implement this information and experiment with new ideas that work out in the field.

But the real value of sales training extends beyond the skill development it provides. It communicates a deep-seated message to employees, “We want to see you succeed because we believe in you.”

What does training say to your employees?

  • We care.

  • We’re invested in your success.

  • You’re valuable to us and we want to see you succeed.

  • You matter to us and you have a future here.

We’re Committed to Growth

Salespeople aren’t excited about staying with a company who’s not evolving. Sales training communicates a clear message, “We are committed to staying current, keeping our employees competitive, and we’re looking to the future because we believe the best is yet to come.”

Training and development are investments in your employees and will increase sales skills, but also reduce employee turnover. Employees who receive training and development feel they are taken seriously, appreciated, and part of the team.

Training will increase motivation, commitment, and retention.

Do you discount training because you see it as a skill development exercise? Are you afraid if you train an employee and invest in them they will take those new skills to your competitors when they leave?

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Keeping it Exciting

Training increases employee retention because it increases motivation, facilitates learning, and helps employees engage with the other teammates. Salespeople don’t leave just because of compensation.

They leave because they aren’t engaged, they don’t have a strong relationship with their boss, and they aren’t willing to stick it out because they don’t feel valued.

Training can keep your employees interested, engaged, and excited.

It can help squelch the quest for something new, or prevent a job change because they don’t feel they’re learning.  It’s one of the best tools you can use to invest smartly in employee retention.

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