Sales Recruiting Predictions for 2017

Sales Recruiting in 2017

What’s in store for your sales team in 2017?

The Employer Associations of America’s 2017 National Business Trends Survey confirmed hiring challenges will continue for employers in 2017.

If you were hiring at all in 2016 you probably noticed recruiting top sales talent became increasingly difficult. With counter-offers, turn-downs, and increased competition for talent, recruiting the top 10% was no easy feat.

The survey concluded 62% of employers are finding recruitment to be more difficult. More than one third of all employers are unhappy with their recruitment efforts. And almost half of surveyed employers reported plans to increase headcount in 2017.

Optimism is also strong as executives look towards the new year with 89% of executives reporting 2017 will be better than 2016 for business results. All in all, talent acquisition will be a top priority in the new year.

The business world belongs to the quick. It is the one prerequisite you must have if you are ever to savor the tantalizingly delicious taste of success or the reinvigorating agony of defeat. The way we attack and cope with that struggle is the ultimate measure of us all.
— Richard S Sloma No-Nonsense Management

What’s the Secret to Preparing Your Sales Team for 2017?

Two Shots in Ten Years at a Top Hunter

Recruiting for your sales team is a full-time job. Trying to recruit new teammates yourself while running your sales team isn’t going to produce strong results. Instead, focus on building a collaborative partnership with your recruitment team.

Once prospective candidates have been identified, always make time to interview potential sales stars. If you’re only recruiting when you have an opening, you’re missing out on some of the market's top talent.

If top salespeople only make a move every three to six years, you may only have two to three chances at hiring them in a ten-year time frame.

After that, they’ve moved up into leadership, priced themselves out of your compensation zone, or have moved on to greener pastures.

It won’t be any easier to recruit top sales talent in 2017 but it’ll certainly be worth the effort. If you need extra recruitment help, please reach out to us at

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