The Importance of Making Sales Recruiting a Top Priority

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If you’re a sales leader, the fastest way to success is to recruit the right team members. Without the talent you need to succeed, you’ll find yourself with a whole new set of problems. Recruiting is hard work, and requires a top slot on your priority list. Now is the time to start looking for the talent you need to achieve your goals.

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8 Keys to Optimizing Your Sales Recruiting Efforts

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Are you still recruiting salespeople like it’s 2009? One might argue that 2018 is the hottest job market since the year 2000. Consider this:

In 1999 the Labor Department reported the real median household income at $58,665.

As of July 2018 the Labor Department reported the real median household income at $62,175.

Family income has risen by 5% in the first half of 2018 and by 17% since 2012.

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What’s the Best Time to Insert an Assessment into Your Sales Hiring Process?

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Are you requiring candidates to “pass” an assessment? In a pass or fail environment, figuring out the best time to insert an assessment into the recruiting process is paramount. Issue the test too soon, and you may severely limit the talent pool.

On the other hand, if you request the assessment late in the process and the applicant “fails,” you’ve potentially wasted Grand Canyon amounts of time.

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Recruiting for Your Sales Team? 5 Rules for Preventing Job Offer Turn Downs

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It’s no secret that recruiting sales talent is a is a challenge.

If you’ve gone through the interview process with multiple candidates and have finally winnowed it down to one final choice, it’s painful when your finalist turns down your job offer.

If you’re working hard to recruit the top 20%, this will happen.

It’s not only acceptable but inevitable. Part of recruiting the best is getting turned down.

Recruiting top sales talent is always competitive. They have lots of choices. But it shouldn’t happen too often because it burns through too many resources and takes too much time.

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The Implications of Missing Scheduled Interviews for Hiring Managers

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Sometimes an executives busy schedule is not his or her own. Let’s face it, “things happen.” Unfortunately, this happens to some busy hiring managers or recruiters more than others. When you are unable to consistently keep your calendared appointments, arrive late, or constantly reschedule there are both direct and indirect costs.

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Finding Top Sales Talent is Difficult for Everyone

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In good economies and bad, finding top talent is difficult. Think it’s any easier for Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, or Google? Sure, they have distinct competitive advantages, but it still takes teams of recruiters interviewing around the clock to recruit and hire staff even for well branded growing organizations.

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