How to Work with Recruiters for Optimal Results

.What Motivates Recruiters to Help You Find Top Sales Talent?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a potential client.

He was frustrated because he hadn’t been able to find a replacement hire for over seven months. He was already working with three other recruiters and had no candidates in current consideration for the role.

What went wrong?

Are the recruiters to blame? They had presented multiple candidates, and the one that the client was most interested in was over the budgeted compensation level. He made a comment that he thought perhaps the recruiters just wanted more money and were inflating salary expectations.

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When Agency Recruiters Can’t Help You Fill Your Sales Roles

8 Reasons Why Agency Recruiters Can’t Help You Fill Your Sales Roles

Isn’t it frustrating when you reach out to a recruiter to help you fill a role and you don’t see strong results? As a hiring manager or an internal recruiter, when you’re looking for top sales talent, your neck is on the line. You need to get roles filled with the right salespeople and you need to make it happen fast so you can hit your hiring and top line revenue goals.

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Executive Recruiting Firms Producing Mediocre Results?

Working with Recruiting Firms Driving You Crazy?

If you told me you’ve tried using a recruitment firm in the past, and things didn’t work out, I wouldn’t be surprised. Although there are a lot of exceptional recruiters out there, a few bad experiences can taint a person’s willingness to try again.

If you’re looking at a recruiting firm like a commodity, you probably won’t get good results. I’ve gotten calls from companies who’ve had searches out to multiple firms and are were adamant about paying discounted fees. Saving a few thousand dollars today was more important than hiring the best employee.

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Three Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Recruiter

Building Lasting Partnerships With Recruitment Agencies

If you’ve used a recruiter to source sales candidates successfully, you understand the importance of your role in the recruitment and hiring process. Taking an active interest in the recruitment process, making yourself available, and fostering open communication with your recruiter are important parts of developing a productive working relationship.

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