FinTech Sales Recruiting

Want to hire someone who knows the difference between what motivates a Controller and what motivates a CFO? What about selling to Commercial Banks or Hedge Funds?

Selling to the Office of Finance, Accounting, Finance, and Banking professionals is an area of focus for Optimal Sales Search.

We have worked with private, public, international, and ambitious software and technology companies in the FinTech, Transaction Processing, and Payment Processing industries.

Sales Talent with Domain Expertise

When you're looking for sales talent with specific domain expertise, we can help. We collaborate with companies of all sizes from start-ups to F500s.

With recruitment solutions designed to address you're sales search requirements, we can help you attract, recruit, and hire the individuals you need to win new business.

We can help you recruit the FinTech sales talent you need to win new business, and dominate the market.



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