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Five Hot Tech Sectors for 2022

Five Hot Tech Sectors Tech Salespeople Should Keep an Eye on in 2022


Selling new or in-demand solutions is easier than selling solutions that have been commoditized. These are the five Hottest Sectors we see in 2022 for Sales Professionals.

If you’re thinking about moving to a new market segment, watch these industries in 2022.
Artificial Intelligence

AI is advancing rapidly. Prospects are endlessly interested in advancements and what that could mean for their businesses. AI that works will be welcomed by prospects. In addition, add AI to any standard BoB software, and you have something new and potentially more valuable for prospects.


Anything that’s sold around data is in demand. Although prospects are interested in the data itself, they’re also interested in tools for connecting their own data. This includes APIs, ETL’s, storing, segmenting, and resulting insights are all powerful tools that help new clients see returns on their investments. Moreover, data mining and insights converted into strategic business execution help any company stay ahead of its competitors.


Security is on the priority list with news events like the Solar Winds Federal government breach. Also, with more people working remotely than ever before, companies everywhere across the US are trying to find ways to secure their information.  Moreover, companies like Darktrace and SentinelOne went public in 2021.


DevOps is hot. From DevSecOps to testing to project management tools selling B2D has never been more in vogue. HashiCorp went public in 2021, as did GitLab, and will pave the road for more IPOs to come.


FinTech is on fire. Thoma Bravo recently announced the purchase of Bottomline Technologies, Wise went public in 2021, and other new companies are emerging regularly. In addition, CB Insights reports a total of 206 FinTech unicorns in 2021, with more than 50% of Fintechs coming out of the US, funding is up 121% Y-O-Y for 2021.

Moving to a Hot Tech Space

If you’re thinking about making a move in 2022, we have clients in all of these sectors and others. Send your confidential sales resume to us at [email protected].


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