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Looking for a New Software Sales Job While Hitting Quota

For software salespeople who have at least 5 years of enterprise sales experience, finding a new software sales job is time-consuming. Doing nothing about your current situation only prolongs the problem. But, looking for a sales job while achieving quota can be equivalent to chasing two rabbits and catching none.

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Top Enterprise Software Salespeople Are Obsessed With This When it Comes To Job Interviews

Top software salespeople know the best sales jobs are highly competitive.

Enterprise software sales jobs are competitive because there are more salespeople than exceptional sales opportunities. Find that hard to believe?

Well, let’s define what we mean by exceptional software sales jobs.

Finding a company has a robust solution, crack implementation teams, knowledgeable pre-sales support, marketing prowess, high-caliber SDRs/BDRs, and rock-solid executive leadership is a hard combination to find. Most salespeople have to work around company gaps and limitations.

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What Job Seekers Can Learn from Jack Ma about Job Search Setbacks

Facing job search setbacks?

Even Jack Ma encountered rejection. He was turned down from even the most basic jobs. Applying for positions with KFC and 30 additional companies, he was rejected from every single one of them.

Most of us see rejection as a failure. Thank goodness Jack didn’t.

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One Powerful Skill That Will Help You Get More Sales Job Offers

Salespeople who interview better win more offers. So, what’s the secret to better interviews?  

First, think about how salespeople are seen by the rest of the actors in the corporate world. We are loud, get away with saying things that aren’t PC, we talk a lot, and we look like we’re having a great time.

When recruiting for a salesperson, it’s almost expected that the salesperson entertains, communicates, and tells stories. Afterall, it’s the opposite of interviewing an accountant who says all of three words in 30 minutes. The conversation will be lively. However, it’s expected. 

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Hi, I’m Sonja Hastings, Executive Software Sales Recruiter with Optimal Sales Search.

I’ve been recruiting sales talent for 15 years and this is my blog where I share sales recruiting insights, news, and more.

Learn more about me here.

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