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Interviewing in a Competitive Job Market Part Two

Nine Traits that Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward in Any Sales Interview – Part Two   This is the second post in a three-part series on Interviewing In a Competitive Job Market.  The following three ideas have been used by some of the most successful salespeople in the

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Get Yourself Back on a Roll After Being Laid Off

If you’re here, you’ve likely been in sales for a little while. I am betting you’ve had a slump at one point. You know, the time you couldn’t sell an appointment to your own mother. Think’ll remember.  Losing a job unexpectedly can be like experiencing a slump. Your confidence

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Sonja Hastings Optimal Sales Search Tech Sales Recruiter

Hi, I’m Sonja Hastings, Executive Software Sales Recruiter with Optimal Sales Search.

I’ve been recruiting sales talent for 15+ years, and this is my blog, where I share sales recruiting insights you can use to accelerate your software sales career.

Learn more about me here.

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