Quick Video Interview Tips for Sales Candidates

Dominate the Video Interview with This One Powerful Interview Tip for Sales Professionals

If you've ever been asked to complete an online video interview assessment, I'm sure you were curious about what to expect.

The first question that should be running through your mind is, why do they want to conduct a video interview?

If they were interested in what you sound like, they'd interview you over the phone. But if they are interested in what you look like, they will interview you over video.

Often, video interviews are conducted to assess intangibles.

These include your mannerisms, personality, and communication style.

So how do you ace this part of the interview process?

Preparation will be the best way to excel during this portion of the interview process. The last thing you want to do is come across unprepared, nervous, or disorganized.

Five keys to help you prepare for your next video interview:

  1. Test your camera. Make sure it's working and the audio settings are correct. Check that the lighting is adequate and the camera angle is flattering.

  2. Remove anything that might be distracting in the background. This includes clutter, paperwork, or any items that might draw attention away from you.

  3. Treat your appearance as if you are about to make a TV appearance. Make sure you're dressed professionally and looking your best. This will be your first visual impression, so make it exceptional.

  4. Exude confidence. Nervous salespeople don’t get the best sales jobs. Even if you're caught off guard on one of the questions remember that your best will be good enough. Never let the questions rattle you or erode your confidence.

  5. It's never as much about what you say as it is about how you say it and how you make people feel about you and themselves.

Make a positive impression by nailing the video interview. Remember why the interviewer has chosen this interview forum.

They are primarily interested in how you communicate and represent yourself in person.

This is extremely important for outside sale roles where you are typically one of the only people your clients see from your organization.

To your clients, you are the organization.

If they like and trust you, they like and trust your company.

Use these tips to prepare for your next video interview and get the sales job you deserve.


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