Get the Sales Job You Deserve: Job Search Action Plan

7 must do tips to get a better sales job

How do you get a better sales job anyway?

How does your former colleague who always came in middle of the pack end up with a winning job, at a growing company, and making tons of cash?

Meanwhile you’re still grinding it out at work, talking yourself into sticking it out. Hoping the new product release is something worth selling.

While you’re secretly waiting to be discovered and for someone to recruit you with an offer you can’t refuse your buddy was out there hustling for a new position.

Here’s the cold hard truth.

The best jobs don’t normally fall in people’s laps.

You have to hustle and compete for them. If you land one, you can change the direction of your career trajectory forever.

They’re worth fighting for.

Seven Tips to Help You Pick up the Pace, and Land the Sales Job That’ll Turbocharge You’re Sales Career

#1 Make it Easy for People to Find You --Use your network; tell everyone you know you are looking, what you do and what you are looking for.

Update your LinkedIn profile and make sure your contact information is public and visible. Make sure you have the right key words listed in the title of your LinkedIn page.

List a phone number that has your professional voice mail message, not the one that includes your favorite music, your dog barking, etc...

#2 Construct an Active Strategy --Put together a list of target companies –stay close to your knowledge zone---think of your contacts, companies you most recently competed against, met at a trade show or admire.

Send a well thought out letter of introduction to the CEO or VP of Sales and follow-up with a phone call. Stay close to your current area of expertise, the further you stray, the harder it will be to stand out.

Set daily action goals—i.e. talk to three hiring managers, set up two informational interviews a week, apply for three jobs online even if they aren’t the “perfect match.”

#3 Build Momentum & Build Your Job Search Pipeline --Research and build a targeted list, send an email or letter of introduction, then pick up the phone and start following-up. You are in fact sales professional—this is somewhat par for the course.

You know what to do! You are the new offering! Pitch yourself.

Meet people for lunch, drinks, breakfast, informational advice, etc.. Get out there and get in front of your target market!

#4 Focus on What Counts --Make sure your resume represents you well. You can write it yourself, or hire a professional resume writer.

Employ strong follow up skills: thank you notes, phone calls, honoring your commitments, etc.. --Research, action, preparation, professionalism and confidence.

#5 Take Action Today –Waiting is a deal killer. Never wait for tomorrow, execute your strategy today!

Take the time to schedule time on your calendar to execute your job search strategy. Work the plan!

#6 Attitude Is the Name of the Game!–Making excuses; speaking negatively about the job market, former employers or even your experiences won’t bode well for a job search.

You must keep your spirits high, not take feedback personally and press forward.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.
— Steve Jobs

#7 Just Because You “Know It” Doesn’t Mean You DO IT! Having read hundreds of articles on job search strategies, it is the fundamentals that will keep you productive.

Execute on job search fundamentals; constantly ask yourself, if you “know it” are you actually “doing it.”

Fill the Job Opportunity Pipeline

Executing a job search is a lot like prospecting for a big deal. If you sit around and wait for something to happen you’ll have to settle for what rolls in.

If you are or find yourself unemployed, you’ll need to put your job search at the top of your priority list and kick your efforts into high-gear.


Don’t wait until you’ve taken a few weeks off to get started.

If you’re currently working, it becomes harder to make the time to conduct a full search. That’s okay, it’s hard for your competition too. But if you make it a priority, it can be done.

You’ll need to lean hard on your network, recruiters, and daily outreach to fill your pipeline with opportunities that warrant your attention.

Spend the Time Now

The more years you have invested in your sales career, the more difficult it will be to make major changes. Spend the required energy now.

Make the effort today to position yourself for long-term sales success.

After all, you’re worth it.