What Kind of Salesperson are You Now?

What Kind of Salesperson are You Now? Review Your Skills and Talents Before Starting Your Next Job Search

Most sales roles can be split into the following:

1. Hunters—Reps who are cultivating new or mostly new business.

2. Farmers—Reps who are expanding accounts the company is already doing business with.

Market Perceptions

There is a common belief held by sales leaders that Hunters have their day early in their careers and then move on to other roles such as account management, sales leadership, or even shift away from sales altogether.

On the other side of the spectrum, some Account Managers have never hunted any new business at all.

This leads many hiring managers to stay away from Account Managers for new business roles. Even though all account management roles are not created equal nor do they have the same mix of new vs. current business.

Evaluating Where You Are in Your Sales Career

If you are a Hunter, you will be driven to do as many deals as you can and make as much money as possible.

For some salespeople this drive lasts an entire career.

For others it fizzles out after 10 years of cold calling, constant pressure, and heavy travel.

If you are a Hunter, are you still willing to be your own Sales Development Rep? Have you developed the necessary habits of calling on prospects and devoting time each day to opening new doors?

Or have you decided this activity is beneath you at this stage in your career?

If you’re in Account Management, are you bored? Have you found yourself dreading meeting with current clients? Are you feeling trapped by the account base you are managing?

Does your stomach ache every time you get a call from your main account?

Looking Hard at the Change You Need

Before you update your resume, take some time to evaluate how your skills, values, and career goals have changed over time.

Before you think about conducting a job search take the time to evaluate the salesperson you are today.

  • What interests you?

  • What are your strongest skills?

  • Is looking for a new job going to make your situation better?

  • Are the problems your facing today due to your external or internal situation?

  • What’s working for you about what you’re doing today? (e.g .Hunting, territory, travel, working remote)

  • What isn’t working for you? (e.g. vertical, boss, bad solutions)


One of the traits that scores high for leadership and career progression is self-awareness. The greater your self-awareness the more you understand about your own personal preferences and how others perceive you.

Cultivating self-awareness will help you make better choices and leads to better outcomes.

Now It’s Your Move

Before tackling the next big job search, ask yourself:

1. How have I changed?

2. How are these changes impacting my sales career?”

When you can answer these questions, you will have more success finding a better employer and job match.

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