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5 Reasons Why Your Resume Should be No More Than Two Pages

If you’re a sales professional, you must take the time to put together a crisp resume.

The more experience you have, the longer the resume becomes. How do you know if your resume it too long?

Just about everyone from your next-door neighbor to your old boss has an opinion on your resume. The more people you ask, the more varying opinions you’ll get!

These views will often contradict each other.

How do you know what to do? Who should you listen to for advice? Take it from a recruiter—we look at thousands of resumes, often a hundred a day, sometimes more.

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Eleven Surefire Ways to Get Your Sales Job Offer Rescinded

After several months of interviewing for a sales job, you’ve been assured your job offer is on the way. Now’s not the time to blow it and get your job offer rescinded!  Don’t put yourself at risk for getting the sales job offer withdrawn.

First, the good news about securing a sales job offer.

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Can Recruiters Help You Make a Career Transition into a New Field?

People approach recruiters when they’re exploring new job opportunities.

Presumably, this is because they’ve successfully worked with a recruiter in the past.  However, in specific situations, using an executive recruiter is not always your best choice. 

For example, if you are hoping to switch career fields, a recruiter won’t be an effective resource for you.

Some people find it disconcerting to hear recruiters won’t be able to help them move into a different field. But there is an excellent reason for this.

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What Sales Managers Think about Recruiting New Sales Hires

Searching for a new sales job is an important step in your sales career. Let’s look behind-the-scenes at the VP of Sales’ pet peeves when recruiting, interviewing, and hiring new reps.

Number 1You Can’t Connect through Arrogance

A big part of winning the job is connecting with the hiring manager. In an interview, hiring managers love confidence and hate arrogance. Arrogance destroys connections and erodes your likeability-factor.

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Powerful Strategies to Manage Multiple Job Offers

Multiple job offers will give you powerful leverage. If you’re in an active job hunt, you may find yourself with more than one offer. If you’ve never been in this situation before, it can feel exciting and awkward.

As a sales recruiter, I’ve worked with candidates who’ve expertly navigated the multiple offer situation with grace, professionalism, and transparency. I’ve also worked with sales professionals who found the situation extremely uncomfortable.

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Hi, I’m Sonja Hastings, Executive Software Sales Recruiter with Optimal Sales Search.

I’ve been recruiting sales talent for 15 years and this is my blog where I share sales recruiting insights, news, and more.

Learn more about me here.

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