Five Quick Ways to Spruce up Your Resume so Hiring Managers Call YOU for an Interview

5 things to do immediately so Hiring Managers Call YOU for an sales Interview

When you submit your resume for a sales position, it’s actively competing against other applicants, deadlines, and distractions for attention. 

Ultimately, your resume needs to inspire the hiring manager to contact you.

This means your resume has an enormous job to do in just a matter of seconds.

Don’t miss out on some of the best sales roles available. Make sure your sales resume is up to par by asking yourself the following questions:

1. Where are the Numbers?

Putting sales stats on your resume is critical: quota, quota obtainment, and target sectors.  This information is important for hiring companies. It gives them a better sense of your sales expertise.

Stating the sales numbers, rather than leaving them out, will boost the one number that currently matters the most: the number of job opportunities you’re called about.

2. What about color?

Use whatever font color you want on your resume. Just make sure you pick black. Resumes that stand out too much look like they don’t belong. It implies you might be trying too hard. Don’t let that be you.

Wearing a suit to a baseball game certainly stands out, but not in a good way.

3. Present or last day?

If you’ve left your job, don’t write, “–Present” on your resume. It’s better to state the facts so you don’t have to spend time explaining why you wrote to “-Present” when you left over two months ago.

The relationship starts out on the wrong foot when you list “–Present” and you’re no longer working for your former employer.

4. Are you using too many bullets, pages, or wordy sentences?

Resumes are read in seconds, not minutes. They’re competing for attention from multiple sources simultaneously.

Your resume should work hard to earn attention by getting to the point and consolidating work history as much as possible. Boil it down, and edit, edit, edit!

5. Is social recruiting costing you money?

The majority of employers will refer to your LinkedIn profile before contacting you. Make it easy for them to find you by including your LinkedIn URL on the top of your resume near your contact information. Complete your LinkedIn profile and be sure to include a professional headshot.

Spending time on your resume is a smart investment.

Because the majority of sales roles are at the entry level, the best sales jobs are highly competitive.

Your resume needs to do a lot of the initial selling for you.

Your sales resume should carefully articulate your experience, showcase your achievements, and represent your top sales results. 

Your resume presents a significant opportunity for you to fill the interview pipeline. Review your resume and identify areas for improvement. Apply these 5 tips and get the edge you need to differentiate yourself from the pack.

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