Cut Your Job Search in Half by Following Value Based Selling Concepts

Use Value Based Selling to Get Highly Competitive Job Offers

As sales professionals, we hear a lot about selling value.

How many times have you heard the following?

  • “Every time you go to a client, show them the value.”

  • “With each sales call—offer the prospect value. Don’t just call to check in, touch base, or follow-up.”

  • “Give your client value-creating content like a whitepaper or relevant article.”

  • “Send your prospect a value-creating email.”

  • “In the body of your email, offer something of value.”

This is because when the client can ‘see the value’ when the value is ‘CLEAR’ then and only then, they will buy.

Selling a Kindle formatted e-book to someone who doesn’t have a Kindle isn’t using value-based selling.

Trying to sell a state of the art automobile to someone who only bikes everywhere they go, no matter how amazing the car is, is time wasting for everyone involved.

The walker will see no value in the car no matter what a good deal it is or how well it handles the road.

Let’s say you were a financial adviser and you sent stock tips to promote your services. When they go to people who only invest in real estate, antiques, or silver coins, you’re not showing any value.

These people are not interested in equity investing.

  • Seems obvious right?

  • But does this seem obvious?

Value is in the eye of the beholder, not the creator of value.

As Bill Lisowski and John Mengelson put it in their book Positioning Success Do You Know What You Don’t Know:

“Value is always defined by the recipient, not the provider.

Value is rooted in the recipients need system.”


How does this apply to the job search?

Unless you are in entry level sales, what you did in your sales-past will contribute to your sales-future.

If you sell to SMB, other companies who sell to SMB will be more likely to hire you.

Why? So glad you asked…..

They find value in the experience.

They know you must have come across SMB-type clients and know how to handle them.

Sell to retail?

Employers who sell to large retailers will find value in your experience and will be more apt to hire you than employers who sell solutions to the IT department.

When you demonstrate your value, i.e. put yourself in the path of those who find your skill set ‘valuable’ you will be paid more and given a shot at better opportunities and sales leadership.

Make More and Get Promoted Faster: Go to Work Where You are Valued

When you make your next move, think about putting yourself smack dab in the middle of companies who are doing similar things, selling to similar prospects, and have similar sales cycles.

This will cut your job search time in half and put you on the radar of organizations who see the value you bring to the table.


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