Want to Get More Job Offers? 5 Ideas That Really Work for Sales Professionals

5 Ways to get the sales job you want

Who doesn’t want to get the best job offer they can?

That’s where these ideas come in.

The best way to win a job offer over your competition is to demonstrate you’re different.

By showing prospective employers what it’s like to work with you through the recruitment process they’ll start to feel comfortable with you and your chances of landing an offer will increase.

Five Ways to Win Your Next Job Offer

1.  Always Be Responsive: When you’re emailed, email right back. If someone calls you, pick up or call them right back.

If interview dates are given, be quick to get back to the employer with times that work for you. Try to work with the days/times given to you the first time around.

I’ve even had executives lose opportunities because they weren’t responsive. My clients often take this as a sign of lack of interest. And sometimes it is.

But it cost one of my candidates the shot at a President role for a new division.


The candidate wanted to appear busy, so he took several hours and sometimes up to a day to get back to us every time we reached out to him. This started to delay his movement through the interview process.

Mostly, it became annoying.

Finally the CEO (His greatest strength wasn’t patience.) had enough of the delay and called him directly. He got voice mail, and didn’t hear back from from the candidate for a day.

It’s probably not a surprise to you, but he was eliminated from consideration.

When I went back to the candidate with the bad news, he said he was very interested and didn’t realize he was taking so long to respond.

Don’t let the learning from your own experiences take too long. If you have been doing it wrong for the last ten years, I would suggest that’s long enough.
— Jim Rohn

2. Details Always Matter: Details are difficult for many salespeople. For those who struggle, you’ll need to keep working on improving. Today’s salesperson can’t blow off the details!

For example, meeting times, appointments, and calls can be given in different time zones. You’ll have to pay attention.

Communicating effectively means mastering all channels: phone, email, text, LinkedIn messaging and more!

Take the time to double check all communication. Common mistakes like typos, dates/times, and meeting attendees so you don’t make avoidable and careless mistakes.

I’ve had one perfectly amazing candidate lose a job offer because he misspelled the CEO’s first name in an email thank you note. Don’t let this be you!

3. Interested: Employers are attracted to candidates who are interested in their organization. After the initial exploratory conversation, you’ll need to demonstrate your interest in the role.

You do this by researching the company, being prepared to talk about yourself, and being responsive.

Asking good questions, signing up for whitepapers/demos/reports, and checking out competitors are also great ways to show interest.

4. Flexible: Take scheduling in stride. If you get bristled when calls are late, missed, or even rescheduled, you need to check your attitude. It is very difficult to always be in control of your calendar and things do happen.

It’s important to give the employer the benefit of the doubt and make adjustments for them when you can to reschedule.

You should also do your best to make dates/times that are convenient for the employer.

If every time scheduling needs to happen with you and it becomes an event in of itself, there will be problems.

I’ve had candidates with VERY strong airline preferences be a bit unreasonable when scheduling flights not on their preferred carrier.

If you have a hard time being flexible, ask yourself these two questions:

--Who’s the most flexible person I know?

--What would they do?

Then see if you can rise to the occasion.

5. Easy to Work With: Ever work with someone who’s easy to work with?

What a difference it makes!

They are pleasant, easy to talk to, and overall just a delight to deal with? You remember these people.

If you’re not already one of these people, make an effort to give it a try.

How do you show you’re easy to work with?

When I reflect back to the people who stand out in my experience, I found these people were—

  • Highly Collaborative: They never complained and were very positive and friendly. They help out without expecting something back. Giving to others is how they operate.

  • Humble. Arrogance wasn’t part of their makeup. No task was beneath them.

  • Personal Responsibility: They owned their job and did whatever it took to get the task completed.

Consider this valuable insight:

These traits are not only important when getting a job, but are necessary on the job.

This is what makes them valuable and worth mastering.

Have you ever wished you could work with someone who’s: unresponsive, unorganized, not interested, inflexible, and difficult to work with?

Didn’t think so.

So if you aren’t getting more job offers, there’s a simple way to fix it. Don’t wait any longer. Make a resolution right now to get to work on kicking these skills into high gear.

Make the shift.

Become better and put your sales career on the fast track to amazing.