The Answer to "What do I Need to Look for When Considering My Next Sales Job?"

What do You  Look for When Considering Your Next Sales Job?

Looking for a new sales job? Before you take the plunge, consider what you need to make a successful move.

If any one of these ‘Critical Keys’ are missing, no amount of money will make up for it.

All three keys must come together to formulate a good opportunity, or you will be looking for another sales job all too soon.

Three Keys that Must Exist in Tandem for a Successful Move

Key #1: A Winning Compensation Package is Critical

We don’t need to spend too much time on the obvious.

Compensation plans are critical.

If you think you can live with less it might be a short-lived experiment. People gravitate towards sales because they enjoy making money.

More is more.

If your income is capped or limited in any way, this can be a barrier to job satisfaction. Research is clear about sales compensation.

If the you can’t get behind the compensation plan, you won’t have strong performance. 

Key #2: Find a Respectable Leader

Everyone values different traits in their boss. Some salespeople expect friendly and personal ‘get to know you’ chats on a regular basis.

Others want to be left alone to do their thing.

Whatever the case, you’ll be facing an uphill battle if you start off with a boss you don’t enjoy working with.  

 Key #3 Company that Has a Solid Solution

It’s important to have a solid product. Note that you don’t need THE BEST product, but something that works and gets the job done.

Most people can use solutions that perform adequately to get the results they need.

Your solutions don’t have to be exceptional, they just need to be able to be implemented and used to execute processes ‘as advertised.’ (Easier said than done is some instances.)

If the organization struggles during implementation, or of the product doesn’t perform then this is not the company for you no matter what the compensation.

You can never sell what your company can’t deliver.

The Ultimate Goal: Make Money, Learn, Grow Professionally

The goal of making a move in sales is to find a company you can be with for some time. It’s nearly impossible to have a successful sales career if you’re changing jobs every two years.

If you’re a reasonably adaptable person, and understand that every company has some level of dysfunction, sticking to these three keys will help you make a better decision.

Now what do you need to be doing to find your dream sales job?

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