Where Are You Having Your Next Phone Interview?

Where The Phone Interview Shouldn’t Happen

If you’ve been interviewing lately, you’ve probably gotten accustomed to rounds of phone interviews.

There are times when you should move the phone interview to a different location or select another time when you have more control over your environment.

When should you move or reschedule the phone interview?

Windshield Time NOT Phone Interview Time

Drive time is not serious phone interview time. If this is a conversation with a hiring manager, best to reschedule.

There’s nothing quite as nice as trying to carry on a conversation with a wind tunnel blocking all the information.

Besides, how can you take notes during the interview?

If you need to interview when you’re on the road, pull over and park the car so you can concentrate.

Airport Time NOT Phone Interview Time

Love the loud airport announcements.

Nothing you can do will prevent them from disrupting a call.

Look, you’re busy traveling but it’s best to interview in an environment where you can carry out a natural conversation.

Airport announcements aren’t helping your cause.

Restaurant Time NOT Phone Interview Time

Music from the restaurant, the low hum of voices, sometimes clattering of dishes can be heard.

Noisy environments aren’t the best places for phone interviews.

  • Do you want the person at the table next to you hearing about your biggest weakness?

  • Do you think they should know about your compensation?

Skip interviewing at the restaurant.

Family Time NOT Phone Interview Time

If your children run in and scream during an interview, you may not get the job. Employers like to know you can cut yourself off from distractions and distracting environments so you can produce results.

Prime Office Time NOT Phone Interview Time

If you take a phone interview at the office, you may be compromising your job search. If your boss or a college finds out you’re looking, you may have to find a job on their timeline rather than your own.

Walk outside, go to a conference room on your lunch break, or find a private place to have the call.

Even better, schedule the call when you are not expected to be in the office. (Make the most of client visits, home office time, and time zone differences.)

If you’re taking your job search seriously, interview in an environment where you can:

  • Take notes and concentrate

  • Keep background noise to a minimum

  • Be free of distractions and interruptions

Pick places where you can control the environment, noise levels, and distractions. Leave nothing to chance, and you’ll find yourself one step closer to the job you want!