Thank You Note Ideas that Get Second Interviews

Use These Thank You Note Samples

Ever leave a job interview excited about an opportunity, only to come home and sit for hours in front of a blank screen trying to craft the perfect thank you email? Deliberating over every word, wondering if what you’ve written is going to help you land a sales job?

Thank You Emails Demonstrate Your Ability to…….

1.  Zero in on what’s important. Thank you emails should be brief and to the point. Word count should be 115 words or less.

Best to be quick, concise, and to the point. This demonstrates your ability to get to the heart of what’s important.

2.  Detail and follow up skills. Make sure to get the spelling of the recipient’s name correct. Candidates are frequently passed over for minor errors.

Spelling is one of the big ones.

If you can’t get the details right, the question will remain “What if they do this with our clients?”  Double and triple check spelling, the small things can make a difference in a job search.

3.  Show your enthusiasm for the job.  Thank you notes certainly help you stand out from the crowd. But for best results, send thank you emails out the same day. If air travel is involved, give yourself an extra day to send the note. The longer you wait, the less interested you seem.

People hire applicants who are excited about their company and job.

Here are a few sample emails you can use as a foundation for your next thank you note. Be sure to mention something specific about the meeting or you’ll sound like everyone else.

Use your own words for best results.

Thank You Note Samples