Boring Interview Advice Will Help You Land a Top Sales Job

Ready to Land a Top Sales Job Using BORING Interview Advice?

Today it’s easy to pull up a 100 articles about how to interview well, land the job of your dreams, and prepare for your next important interview.

Sometimes the seemingly basic advice seems well, too basic.

Top six most commonly recommended interview tips:

  1. Show up on time

  2. Dress for success

  3. Be prepared

  4. Give a firm handshake

  5. Be excited about the role

  6. Don’t speak negatively about former or current employers


Follow Boring Advice for Extraordinary Results

Value is always defined by the recipient, not the provider. Value is rooted in the recipient’s need system.
— Positioning Success by Bill Lisowski & John Mengelson

These common tips are centered around impression management. First impressions make or break job interviews.

These tips sound trite after a while because they appear so frequently in interview advice articles.

However if you follow the basics, you’ll be 80% of the way to landing a job offer. If you’re in the room with a hiring manager, you already have everything you need to get the job.

In the recruiting business, we know, “If you’re in the room with a hiring manager, it’s your job to get.”

Now it comes down to chemistry, your ability to fit in, and attitude.

After all, the better you interview, the more money you’ll make.

How are you showing up?

  • Are you communicating like everyone else who works in the office?

  • Did you take the time to learn about the organization or are you just winging it?

  • Are you coming across as someone who needs a job or as someone who’s specifically interested in the job you’re interviewing for? How are you demonstrating this in the interview?

If you’ve read all the interview advice, and you think it sounds basic, you’re missing the point.

Here’s the most fundamental rule of human nature:

People want to be around people they like.

Applied to the job market this cardinal rule translates to:

People hire people they like.

Even if they won’t admit it. (And frequently they don’t.)

Most people don’t even consciously know their doing it.

But the more they like you, the more they will want you to work for them, and the more money they will offer you when it comes time to write up your offer letter.

It’s not necessarily the way it should be, but that’s how it is. You can’t change reality. But you can change yourself.

Next time you find yourself in the room with a hiring manager, remember although it may not seem personal, mostly it is.

You’ve got the skills or you wouldn’t be invited in for the meeting. Even if you don’t have all the skills, you’re still at the meeting.

The real job now is to present yourself well, make a powerful first impression, and land the job you want.

To do this, manage your first impression like your life style depends on it, because it does! Follow the six recommendations to the letter.

If you follow the six simple interview recommendations, you won’t have to settle for a second rate sales job.

Life is good when you know how to interview!

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