6 Keys to Making the Right First Impression for Sales Professionals

6 Tips for Crushing the First Interview

The interview process is a delicate dance between employer and potential employee. If you make a few minor missteps, they could potentially cost you the job.

Although these items seem simple, they do require effort to execute flawlessly.

1. Respond to the new employer as if they are your number one priority.

When setting up interviews, meetings, and phone calls, try to get back to the coordinator as quickly as possible.

Your responsiveness demonstrates your enthusiasm for the job. If you delay, you’re sending a subtle message of disinterest. This won’t help you win a compelling job offer.

2. Never arrive late.

Getting to the interview on time is imperative. Plan to give yourself adequate time to arrive to the interview so you can avoid and unforeseen delays.

Traffic delays are not an excuse. They’ll only cost you the job.

Don’t be late. Period.

3. Sartorial success opens doors.

Studies show that as the economy takes a dip, formality becomes popular once again. Suits are back as companies return to the fundamentals.

Inquire about interview dress code and follow it. Your first impression counts exponentially. You’re attire should be able to handle the job.

4. Perception is everything.

Everything you do in this stage of the game is judged. If you come to a meeting with papers hanging out of your bag, you will raise concerns about your ability to organize and plan your day.

Take the extra time to get prepared in all aspects of your professional appearance. You will be sized up based on the little things, so attention to detail counts.

5. Don’t forget to send thank you emails.

After an interview, send that thank you email! An email is expected and should be written the day of the interview.

Remember to spell every name correctly and write something short and sweet. Your email shouldn’t be more than five or six sentences long.

6. Easy is Always Better than Difficult

Every company wants to hire salespeople who are easy to work with. Remain flexible during the interview process and show your ability to be a strong teammate.

Learn to Interview Well and Change Your Life

The job you take today plays a key role in determining the job opportunities that will be available to you in the future.

Make every job move count.

The better choices you have, the more likely you are to make a smart move.When you learn to make a strong first impression, you’ll become a better salesperson and a better interviewer.

As a result, you’ll have a more rewarding and successful sales career.