Software Sales Recruitment

Recruiting software sales talent? Since 2004 Optimal Sales Search has been partnering with some of the nation's most ambitious software firms. We can help you identify, engage, and recruit high performers.

Every Sales Hire Matters

If you're looking to expand, capture new clients, or crush your revenue goals, the people on your sales team matter. Hiring the right salespeople is is imperative to achieving your goals, and we can help!

Direct Hire Recruitment Services

We offer contingency recruitment services for software firms. Unlike generalist recruitment firms, we specialize in software sales talent. This allows us to recruit the best candidates available for the role because we've developed a fully integrated recruitment system that works.

Experience the Difference

If you're looking for a sales recruitment firm that can help you win the war for talent, contact Optimal Sales Search today! We can be reached at or 510.227.6677 or simply fill out the form and let's discuss your hiring situation.

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