Since 2004, we've been helping tech companies meet their sales hiring goals.
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The Software Sales Recruitment Agency You Can Count On

Are you looking for dynamic, results-driven sales professionals to boost your sales team’s growth? Do you need deal-closing experts who can manage the sales cycle effectively from start to finish?

Maybe you’ve tried job boards and generalist recruitment firms. Job boards often miss the mark in attracting top-tier sales talent — these pros don’t typically scour ads. And generalist recruitment firms often lack the expertise to develop on-target candidates. Maybe it’s time for a targeted strategy. Our niche is software sales recruitment: we’re here to connect you with the standout talent your team needs to thrive in today’s competitive market.

Let’s team up to bring on board sales professionals who share your passion for success.

Ready for Relentless Sales Talent?

With years of experience in tech sales recruitment, we’ve honed a recruitment process that delivers precisely matched candidates within 5-10 business days.

With a deep understanding of the tech industry’s nuances, including deal cycles, vertical expertise, and sales strategies, we quickly identify top-performing candidates.

Our focus is on finding professionals who are excelling in their current roles, ensuring they’re not only a precise match for your needs but also motivated, successful, ready to contribute to your team’s long-term growth.

High Impact SalesTalent Just 5-10 Days Away

Proven Strategies to Amplify Your Results

  • Your Gateway to Top Tech Sales Talent

    Since 2004, we’ve developed a recruitment process that reliably identifies and attracts top talent in the industry. Our method, refined through consistent success, is a strategic tool for your company to build a team of skilled and accomplished sales professionals.

  • Your Success, Our Commitment: The 90-Day Guarantee

    Work with us for a recruitment process you can trust, supported by our 90-day replacement guarantee. We focus on finding not just a timely hire, but the right fit for your team's long-term success.

  • Amplify Program: Expedite Your Hiring in 30 Days or Less

    With our Amplify Program, you can expedite your hiring process and secure top talent within 30 days. This program streamlines your search, enabling you to quickly connect with leading candidates.

Time to Partner With a Software Sales Recruitment Agency?

Growth Mode

Period of High Growth
You need to grow quickly and hire the best talent you can find. Tier-3 candidates won't get you where you're going. We can help you attract the talent you need to win.

Limited Choices

Not Enough Choices
If you're not a big name in the space, most candidates won't know you exist. Let's broaden your reach immediately and expand the talent pool. You need more choices.

Urgent Search

Urgent Demand
You're behind the eight-ball. When you're short on time, a specialized recruitment agency can give you back 10+ hours a week. What will you do with the extra time?

Spend Your Time Where It Matters Most

Where Do You Get the Most Value for Your Time?

Streamline your hiring focus to the essentials: engaging with pre-selected candidates, evaluating their fit in the final stages, and making those crucial hiring decisions.

Here’s our process: by understanding your company culture, hiring needs, and the solutions you offer, we connect you with potential new hires.

As an executive software sales recruitment agency, we meticulously handle every aspect of the hiring process, ensuring you can concentrate on your core business priorities without recruitment distractions.

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We Actively Recruit Inside, Field, & Management Level Positions

  • Enterprise Account Executive
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Strategic Account Executive
  • Account Executive
  • Enterprise Account Manager
  • Solution Consultant 
  • Head of Sales
  • Chief Revenue Oficer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Director of Sales
  • Regional Vice President of Sales
  • Executive Vice President of Sales
  • Solution Engineer/Architects
  • Vice President, Sales
  • Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Strategic Account Manager
  • National Account Manager
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Senior Vice President of Sales
  • Major Account Executive
  • Global Account Manager
  • Revenue Operations Manager
  • Head of Solution Consulting
  • Demand Generation Marketing
  • Channel Manager

Sub Niches and Verticals Actively Covered

  • Operations
  • AI/ML
  • HCM
  • CPM
  • CX, VOC
  • DevOps
  • Automation
  • Supply Chain
  • Project Management
  • Construction, AEC
  • Accounting & Finance
  • DaaS, Data Management
  • Compliance
  • Operational Performance, RPA
  • BI, Analytics, Dashboards
  • Marketing
  • Workforce Management
  • Workforce Automation
  • Financial Services
  • LMS
  • Banking & Credit Unions
  • Retail and CPG
  • Capital Markets
  • Manufacturing
  • Education: Higher Ed & K-12
  • Call Center
  • E-commerce
  • Government, Federal  & SLED
  • Healthcare
  • ESG

SaaS Sales Talent A-Players

With nearly two decades of experience in recruiting top software sales talent, we’ve honed a deep understanding of what it takes to build winning sales teams and attract new customers. If you’re aiming to grow your sales force, we can help you secure the specific talent you need to increase market share and drive new business.

The right sales talent can unlock opportunities that might otherwise remain inaccessible. Don’t let challenges in finding the best sales professionals hinder your growth objectives. Reach out to an experienced software sales recruiter at Optimal Sales Search today, and take a step towards achieving your ambitious growth goals.

Partner with a recruitment team that understands every sales hire counts.