Technology Sales Recruiters

You already know recruiting technology salespeople isn’t as easy as it should be.

Separating out the performers from the rest is both an art and a science. After more than 10 years of recruiting salespeople and taking more than our fair share of hard knocks, we have earned the reputation as a firm that can deliver highly matched sales talent when you need it the most.

Since 2004, Optimal Sales Search has been working with high-growth organizations to recruit and successfully hire sales and sales leadership talent. Our recruitment team is small, flexible, specialized and experienced. With hundreds of successful sales hires, we are confident we can help you find the right people for your growing team.

What's Our Recipe for Success?

360° of Specialization

Specialization has allowed us to develop a deeper talent pool, a stronger understanding of the challenges you face and the ability to set up interviews with pinpoint accuracy.

We talk to sales leaders and sales professionals in your field all day, every day.

More Than a Decade Developing a Proven Recruitment Process

When it’s crunch time, you can depend on us. We’ve spent over a decade We proactively approach potential sales candidates who aren’t actively looking for new opportunities. We go deep, get our hands dirty, and dive in the trenches to uncover the best possible candidates for your firm’s sales recruitment needs.

We don't wait for top salespeople to come to us, although they sometimes do. We've built our continued success on a proactive recruitment process that goes beyond LinkedIn, job boards, and job postings.

Contact a Technology Sales Recruiters at Optimal Sales Search

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