Running Out of Time? How Can You Hire Salespeople Now?

Recruiting Sales Professionals in Competitive Markets and Running Out of Time?

With Q4 quickly coming to a close it’s time to step up your sales recruitment game as you look towards 2016.

Now more than ever, top sales talent is hard to come by, and you’re not alone in the quest. With rapidly increasing numbers of counteroffers and top candidates receiving multiple offers, it’s time to tighten up your sales recruitment efforts.

Even if you’re able to offer stock options, high priced salaries, large ramps, and exceptional benefits, you’ll need to think creatively in order to hire quality sale talent fast.  

If you’re not meeting your recruitment goals, it’s time to get aggressive and fight the war for sales talent.  Are you ready to do everything you can to hire the best sales talent you can with the resources you have?

Ready to expand your sales talent pool without sacrificing the level of sales talent you need to exceed your sales targets?

runningoutof time

Fuel Your Success: Expand Your Sales Talent Pool Now

1. Is it possible to hire someone outside the boundaries of the “ideal” geography? Can your new hire live in another location? Can they come into the office less frequently and work remote part of the time?

2. Can you cross off a few wish list items and supplement with technical/product training?

 3. Are you able to keep your search open a little longer to give you more time to fill the opening?

4. Can you engage an outside recruiter to help recruit hard to find sales talent? A good sales recruiter can help you shorten the time to hire and decrease the odds of counteroffer acceptance.

5. What can you do to drive more referrals from current employees?

6. Are there other industries you would consider candidates from that have similar sales cycles or clients?

7. Are there former employees who might be interested in coming back to the company?

8. Are you making recruiting sales professionals all about the money? Interestingly enough, it’s not all about huge amounts of cash. A sense of purpose, solid products, and company culture go a long way when recruiting the best sales professionals.


With sales goals to exceed, it’s important to fill positions and get territories generating revenues as quickly as possible.

When you are up against other top companies for sales talent, it’s time to get creative and demonstrate your commitment to recruiting the best.

After all, with the right level of determination, you too can win the war for sales talent. 

What are you doing to increase your odds of hiring and competing for sales talent before 2016?