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Interview the RIGHT sales talent.
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The Optimal Sales Recruiting Process

Sales Recruiting Process Excellence

Compete for customers and star employees with confidence. We are obsessed with talent acquisition strategies and most of our clients find the sales search process easy. There are just four straightforward steps to the sales recruiting process:

Let's Talk about Your Sales Opening

We'll discuss the position's history, company objectives, hiring goals, and key requirements. We’ll work together to set a benchmark profile and outline a search timeline.

Execute a Simple Fee Agreement

Review and execute a concise agreement and get your search kicked off quickly! Relax and kick back because in 5-10 business days you'll start seeing strong sales candidates.

Interview Sales Talent

Meet interested candidates who match your target compensation, goals, and skills. Provide your sales recruiter with feedback after every interview to increase the chances of making a successful hire.

Search Completion

Once you've decided who to hire, you'll put together your best offer. Then, we'll work together to arrive at a winning agreement. We're confident we can help you successfully solve complex recruiting challenges.

Building a True Competitive Advantage

Here’s the story. Hiring right is the most important competitive advantage you can give your sales team. Why do you think that is? It’s because all the sales training in the world won’t overcome poor hiring. So schedule a call today, and let’s discuss your sales recruiting goals.

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Start interviewing highly-matched sales candidates in just 5-10 business days.