Software & Technology Agency Sales Recruiters

for the truly ambitious.

  • Software Sales professionals are the cornerstone of our business: hunters, leaders, and account managers.
  • We recruit sales professionals who have expertise in your space, domain, or target vertical markets.        
  • We recruit for sales positions at the individual and leadership levels with base salaries ranging from $85K - $200K + commission + bonus + equity.
  • Nationwide Recruiting: San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and more.
  • Large--Growing--Domestic--Public-- International--Private Software & Technology Companies.
  • Sales recruiting for the technology and software industries.  Experienced sales talent with 5+ years of technology sales experience is our specialty.


Hire Software Sales Talent faster

sales Recruits in 1/2 the time

Meet on target sales candidates in just 5 to 10 business days. Hiring right is powerful. It'll make all the difference in how you spend the next year. (Think easier not harder.)


Engineer success

The thrill of an emmotional sales hire wears off very quickly--whereas sound hiring decisions last a long time. 

Hire proven sales performers. No amount of sales training will turn awful into awesome.

take only the top

Recruit the top---then apply it to the bottom line.

Interview sales candidates who have choices. They won't be knocking your door down. They are the rare ones who will bring you revenue. 


get a look around

If you're in charge of hiring, your neck is on the line. It can even be a matter of survival.

So get a good look at who's out there and hire the best sales talent you can, not the best of who's around.

Interview More of the Right Software Sales Candidates


Ultimately, we bring you better choices.


Because we know what "better" looks like.

Your Biggest Sales Recruiting Problems Solved

Help is on the way.  We use leading-edge recruitment strategies to widen candidate selection and extend your reach. We are dedicated to increasing your candidate pipeline and giving you the complete view of the ever-changing talent market.


Recruit Sales Champions using data to plan and execute a meaningful and comprehensive recruitment strategy is our specialty. If they are out there, we will compile the data and find them.


Highly Targeted Skill Sets narrow skill sets are our specialty! With a proven and customized search process that works, we can help you find sales talent with specific experience.


Hire 50% Faster chances are we've completed a similar search recently. Expertise is the biggest advantage of using a specialized recruitment firm that only works in your industry for the sales function.

Build a Winning Sales Team

Maximize Software & Technology Sales Hiring Success

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Work with Us

Hiring the best sales professionals you can is not a luxury. It's mandatory if you want win, grow, and meet your goals. We help you minimize the hiring risk and increase your odds of getting it right the first time around.

-- Your Very Own Sales Recruiter Your sales openings will be managed by an experienced software sales recruiter. 

-- We Know What We're Doing Since 2004 we have completed more than 400+ sales hires for a variety of software firms. 

-- Hiring Can Be Fun Meeting and interviewing true sales talent is exhilarating. It's the mismatches that drag you down and make you tired. We can help you stay focused on the candidates who meet your criteria and energize you.