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Hand-select your winning team. The easy way to attract talent beyond the best of "who's available."
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Tech Sales Recruitment Agency

Work with a Premier Tech Sales Recruitment Agency to Hire Better Sales Talent

Target Match

Save time with expert matching.

Tired of wasting time with Account Managers for Hunter roles? 

Want to meet Enterprise reps with experience lading seven-figure deals? 

We know the right questions to ask to identify candidates who align with your current sales cycle, ICP and hiring criteria. 

Deliberate Approach

High-performance teams aren’t built by accident.

Great sales teams are built because recruiting is a priority. 

Unlike job boards, job postings, and generic sales recruiting firms, our sales recruitment agency uses a personal approach to proactively attract and engage the right sales talent for your sales openings.

So you don’t have to settle for the best of who’s “available.”

Rapid Talent Pipeline

Meet sales candidates matched to your specific requirements in as few as five to ten business days.

Many of our clients rely on us when they need to hire specific sales talent fast. 

Because we specialize in sales recruiting for the tech sector, we rarely start a search from scratch.

We are well-networked and actively building sales talent pipeline every day. When we start your search we’ll have a head start on sourcing candidates for your sales openings. And you can start interviewing in just 5-10 days.

Your Technology Sales Recruiting Powerhouse

You Are Who You Recruit

Top 25% Tech Sales Talent Needs to be Headhunted

Direct Recruit

Take a strategic approach to your tech sales recruiting. At Optimal Sales Search, we go after proven-performers so you can build your best sales team. Proven-performers are rarely on the active job market. If you're looking for someone who's doing well and excelling in their current sales role, let's talk!

Perfect Fits

Just say 'NO' to resume shops. And say 'YES' to referrals and 'perfect-fit' matches. Many of our candidates don't have updated resumes because they aren't on the job market. However, they are interested in "better" opportunitites. And because we take the time to learn what "better" means to them, we know exactly when to reach out.

Job Postings

Zip Recruiter, Monster, or Indeed are modern-day job boards. And job boards aren't your best bet for sales recruiting simply because top performers aren't answering job advertisements. They're too busy winning new deals and building sales pipeline. Average recruiting tactics won't yield above-average results. Ready to learn more?

Ready to Elevate Your Sales Team?