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THEN: How do you find talent?



NOW: How do you engage talent?

--HINT: It's not a word game.

Most Popular Question: How do you find the best sales talent?

The recruiting landscape has changed. Today, almost any salesperson can be found on LinkedIn. Salespeople in tech, marketing, or business services are on social media.

New Problem: Everyone has visibility into the sales talent pool. Which means fierce recruiting competition from companies of all sizes for the same top 1/3 of any sales force.

Companies in most sectors are having a difficult time recruiting and hiring the kind of talent they need to capture market share and grow revenues.

We Help Solve Challenging Recruiting Problems

strong fit

Get introduced to candidates that have 80% of the the hard and soft skills you're looking for in a new sales hire. 

total market

Total market view: meet passive and active candidates. We direct recruit and engage new recruits for you. We don't wait around. 


Why interview candidates who feel lukewarm about you? You'll meet the best salespeople who are the most interested in your organization.


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Our Sales Recruitment Agency Offers Painless Sales Recruitment for Software and Technology Firms

Quickly Reach High-Achieving Sales Talent

Your openings go to the market with enthusiasm and purpose. You'll see the right sales people for the job, reduce recruitment time needed, and scale with speed.

52 days to hire sales candidates

Interview Sales Hunters

New Markets and growing companies demand the best hunters you can hire. Our recruitment process attracts the best sales talent in the industry.

We recruit the doers, no the talkers.

Cut Search Time in Half

Tap into the power of specialization. Recruiting in one industry for one function means we aren't for everyone. Our ability to execute software sales searches quickly is magnified. 

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