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When you need an Executive Sales Recruiting Firm who specializes
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The Biggest Sales Recruiting Challenge Software Companies Face​

Today’s recruiting problems are centered around competing for top sales talent. Thanks to LinkedIn, tech companies of all sizes have equal sales talent visibility, so everyone winds up competing for the same top-25% of the sales force.

Fierce Competition From Monolithic Tech Companies

No matter the job market, the software space you’re in, or vertical you serve, you’ll be battling monolithic tech giants for the best software sales talent.

How will you beat out Google, Amazon, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM, Thomson Reuters, Microsoft, SAP, Workday, Adobe, or Citrix for top sales talent?

Companies in most tech sectors are having a difficult time recruiting and hiring the specific sales talent they need to capture market share and grow revenues. Even well-branded organizations with $MM marketing budgets have to work hard at identifying, recruiting, and hiring top sales talent.

We Make Getting Top Sales Talent Easier

Lackluster Sales Talent? 

Interviewing candidates who have trouble with fundamental sales skills is a waste of limited time. Interviewing quota achieving, positive, and success-driven sales professionals remind you of why you got into sales in the first place.

Quickly Reach High-Achieving Sales Talent

See the right salespeople for the job and reduce recruitment time by 50%. Start boosting talent pipeline with more quality choices in just a matter of days. Tap into the network of recruiters with deep domain expertise.

Want Your Day Back?

Recruiting can eat up loads of time. We can help you get your day back while meeting sales candidates who match your vision of success. Take the load off and work with us on your next search. See what a difference working with a specialized recruiting partner can make.
Young woman sales recruiter in formal business attire smiling with her laptop and water at software sales recruiting firm Optimal Sales Search.

Interview Premier Sales Hunters

New markets, growing companies, and lesser known brands demand the best salespeople you can hire. We recruit salespeople who open doors, take initiative, and employ resourcefulness. We recruit the action takers and the hunters, not the talkers. Our recruitment process is designed to attract the best sales talent in the software and technology industry.

Cut Search Time in Half

Tap into the power of specialization. Recruiting in one industry (software) and one function (sales) means we aren’t for everyone. We won’t recruit your project managers or your marketing folks. We won’t recruit your accountants, your facility mangers or your office administrators. Just your sales roles. It’s by design.

Work with us and you’ll feel the power of sales specialization. Start meeting on target software sales candidates recruited specifically for your organization, in just five to ten business days.

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One thing for sure, we know how to recruit the best sales talent the market has to offer. Since we've been recruiting top sales talent since 2004, we have a nice head start on what it takes to help you recruit the people you need to ensure your career success.
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