New York Software & Technology Sales Recruiters

Whether you are looking for a software sales rep in Midtown, or a Regional Sales Manager in the Tri-State Area, we can help. With more than a decade of technology and software sales recruitment experience, we know what it takes to fill East Coast Sales Territories.

If you're looking to win new clients, meet aggressive sales goals, or simply improve team performance, it starts with hiring the right sales team. Unlike many generalist recruitment firms, we specialize in recruiting technology sales professionals. We don't recruit medical device reps, industrial sales reps, or place system administrators, it's just not our thing.

What is the biggest obstacles to sales hiring success?

There's no shortage of salespeople. But there is a shortage of talented, motivated and driven sales professionals. Almost half of today's top sales candidates decline offers because they are accepting other sales jobs. We work hard to ensure this doesn't happen to our clients.

We won't waste your time or ours with candidates who are:

  • Poking around the job market and aren't interested enough in what you have to offer
  • Unable to make a serious commitment to making a move from their current employer
  • Highly susceptible to counteroffers
  • Starry-eyed and optimistically looking for unrealistic employment situations

We've already made plenty of these mistakes early in our careers so you don't have to.

At Optimal Sales Search, we have helped many companies hire their first sales rep, build new sales teams, and meet IPO sales hiring goals. We're intensely focused on achieving results. With uncompromising drive and the skill needed to recruit today's top sales talent, we can help you recruit the team members you need to succeed in today's hyper competitive sales environment.

If you expect nothing less than top-notch results, give us a call today and let's discuss your sales hiring goals.

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