Hiring Sales Hunters?

Put a stop losing out on new clients because you don't have the right salespeople in place.

Get high-demand hunters on your side and start winning new business now. Our specialty is recruiting sales talent who knows how to proactively win new business. Our recruitment solutions are focused on discovering the kind of sales talent who will help you meet your client acquisition goals.

We can help you find the kind of salespeople who know how to drive interest, start new conversations, and find ways to solve problems for prospects and customers.

The kind of people who can get prospective customers to make tough decisions and implement changes that will drive their businesses forward.

When we recruit for hunters we're looking for sales candidates who:

  • Understand how to proactively target prospects.

  • Use all channels phone, email, and social media to prospect for new business.

  • Are motivated and consistent in their new business acquisition strategies.

  • Adaptable, flexible, and constantly iterating sales processes based on what's working and what's not.

  • Have a history of winning new business by using a sales methodology rather than "winging-it."

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