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Want to gain a competitive advantage by hiring the right sales people? Hiring salespeople who'll thrive in your environment will make all the difference. If you're looking to hire salespeople who meet specific criteria, we can help.

At Optimal Sales Search we offer our clients the ultimate hiring advantage:

On Target Sales Candidates

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Ever meet an Inside Sales Manager for a Field Sales Role? How about a Global Account Manager for a pure hunter sales opening? 

Sales candidates hitting the phones and pitching solutions to SMB accounts aren't going to be best fits for our client's Enterprise field sales roles with 1M + quotas.

We know the right questions to ask so we can identify candidates who align with your current sales cycle and hiring criteria.

Better Choices

Meet more of the right sales candidates. Unlike job boards and online advertising, our sales recruitment agency uses a personal approach to proactively attract and engage the right sales talent for your sales openings. We don't wait around for sales candidates to apply. We go out and find the salespeople who meet our clients' search criteria.


Meet sales candidates matched to your specific requirements in as few as five to ten business days. Many of our clients rely on us when they need to hire fast. Because we specialize in sales recruiting, we rarely start a search from scratch. We are actively building sales talent pipeline each and every day. Chances are when we start your search we'll have a head start on sourcing potential candidates for your sales job opening.


When we work on your search, you'll have our focused attention. We can change directions and adjust to new information quickly. Decide to expand the geographical territory for your search? No problem, we can immediately make the adjustment.

Want to do interviews next week while you're in town? We'll do our best to meet your timeline. Have another sales hire to make immediately? We'll see what we can do to get your search to the top of our priority list. Because we're focused on the sales function, and we're experienced sales recruiters, we can anticipate your needs and adapt as your hiring goals change.

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