Recruiting Software Sales Talent

Ready to Hire Top Sales Professionals?

Exceptional products combined with brilliant people makes the magic happen. Because brilliant people always figure out how to get it done. Hiring the right sales professionals makes it easier for you to attract the right clients and grow your software business. We can help.

How can we help you successfully recruit your dream team?

  • Avoid Hiring Pit-Falls You will avoid many of the pitfalls sales recruitment brings by working with an experienced recruiter. With more than 200+ mid-to-senior level sales hires completed, we'll get your search on the right track and do our best to keep it there. 
  • Increase Offer Acceptance Complex option packages, restricted stock units, executive salary negotiations, counter offers, complex compensation plans, sign on bonuses, exit clauses, and multiple offers --they are not new for us.  It is an area that takes experience, practice, and continuous expectation management throughout the recruitment process. Your odds of getting to the finish line under our care are excellent. 
  • Meet Your Hiring Deadlines The average internal recruiter is managing a portfolio of 25 + searches. At Optimal Sales Search, your opening will get focused attention. It will be one of our top five searches, or we won't take it on. Your opportunity is unique, and requires dedicated time to sourcing, interviewing, and search management. Since we aren't a high-volume shop, we have the time it takes to manage your search with dedicated attention.

Wouldn't You Like to Have Another Go-To Source for Sales Talent?

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Recruiting for sales professionals, especially true hunters and sales leadership has never been more challenging. We have spent years developing extensive networks of sales professionals and continue to make new industry contacts daily. When you work with us, you'll notice that you hire much faster and new clients will be at your door even sooner than you may expect!

Software Sales Recruitment

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