Sales Recruiters

Exceptional sales talent can give your sales team the edge it needs to succeed.

When it comes to picking the right sales recruiters, Optimal Sales Search can help you attract, interview, and hire the best sales talent available. With more than a decade of sales recruitment success, we know how important it is to get sales hiring right the first time around. We offer out clients:

Nationwide Sales Recruiting

Ever need to hire the best candidate in a territory or region? We can cover any region or territory nationwide with one point of contact. Give us a call today and start interviewing highly matched sales talent in as little as five to ten business days. 

Sales Recruitment Specialization

We don't place accountants, marketing folks, or IT professionals. Our focus is no the sales function. We look for sales candidates who match your company's unique requirements. We understand the importance of domain expertise, sales cycles, target markets, hunting, vertical expertise, sales methodologies etc... Because we specialize in the sales function, we'll get the information we need to make the right match.

Experienced Sales Recruiters

What does working with an experienced sales recruiter mean to you? You'll spend less time with sales candidates who:

  • Aren't truly interested in making a move
  • Are susceptible to counteroffers
  • Don't meet your top three requirements

More Choices

Make a better hiring decision when you have more than one good sales candidate to chose from. Our goal is to make the hiring decision difficult for our clients. We love to see our clients torn over making a decision between two top sales candidates.

Handpicked Talent

We use many methods to recruit top sales talent. One that we've built our business on is direct recruiting passive sales candidates. We take a proactive approach to locate, attract, and engage top sales talent so when you do make your next hire, you can be sure that you've seen the best talent in the marketplace.

Contact Us

Are you ready to hire for your sales team? Get in touch with Optimal's Sales Recruiters today and let's get your search started. Reach us directly at or 510.227.6677.


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