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11 Reasons to Start Using Data to Boost Sales Recruiting Results and Strengthen Employee Retention Rates

Boost Your Sales Team's Growth by Mastering Your Data Strategy

No matter the market conditions, exceptional salespeople are in demand. This comes down to simple math that never changes. Because for every sales team of 100 reps, only twenty-five will ever be in the top 25%. An even smaller number of reps will be able to consistently perform at this level over any meaningful period of time.

So if you’re after the best salespeople, you’ll need to be ready to compete for attention and consideration.

And using data is one way to separate yourself from the competition.

Today’s modern salesperson uses data to some degree in routine product presentations. From that experience, most of us have learned that data alone isn’t going to seal the deal. Data is not the magic secret that will unlock your recruiting and retention problems forever, but it will certainly help you improve your results.

So first, let’s start by looking at what NOT providing data looks like.

Companies that don’t use sales data in their sales recruiting process come across as:

  • Relatively risky
  • Out of touch
  • Operationally questionable

They also have higher turnover rates. Those hiring managers and CEOs who provide sales data are more apt to set the stage for a long-term relationship through transparency.

Eleven Compelling Reasons to Provide Data to High-Impact Sales Recruits 

1. You’ll Become a Magnet for Top Performers: Facts perk up an opportunity and lure in the best.
2. Objective Proof of Success: Numbers provide clarity.
3. Trust Building: Putting your cards on the table shows what kind of leader you are.
4. Eliminates Hiring Roulette: New hires, especially talented ones, don’t stay where they can’t win. Having this candid conversation will reduce risk for both parties.
5. More Meaningful Conversations: Taking the mystery out of your team’s situation will move the conversation beyond buzzwords.
6. Showcase a Data-Driven Culture: Yes, we know our numbers here.
7. Gives You a Hiring Edge: Puts you a leg up on your competition.
8. Speeds up Decision Making: Every minute you don’t have the right salesperson, you’re not making money. When you put the details out front, you’ll find yourself spending more time with the right people.
9. Fuels Long-Term Retention: Roles and companies described accurately help remove unknown surprises.
10. Align Expectations and Reality: Eliminate the blow harsh reality can. Because no one wants to open the garage door on Christmas morning to find a basic bicycle when they are expecting an electric bike.
11. Puts Your Leadership on Display: Leadership matters. And strong results mean salespeople are making money, and that is often attributed to excellent leadership.


It’s a Great Company – Trust Me!

The default mode of some hiring managers it to talk about how “amazing” and “great” the company is. They spend a good deal of interview time discussing fun activities the company does together, the events they put on, or even the time off policies they have.

This may win over accountants, and it may even get some mid-level reps interested, but it isn’t the way to win the hearts and minds of the top 25%.

So if you’re after the best, you’ll do a little better in the marketplace if you are prepared to discuss data. Don’t leave out your stories and all the other fun things, but don’t forget to bring the data.

Data is Your Secret Recruitment Strategy

The big takeaways?

-Data transparency is not a gimmick. It’s not a buzzword. Used effectively, it is a recruitment and retention strategy.

-Not unlike selling to prospective clients, data adds substance to your situation, and the numbers help validate your pitch.

-With data, you are laying the groundwork for long-term relationships, not quick wins.

In an industry where hype is actually tracked in a cycle, data can be a valuable recruiting asset. The tech companies that get this are the ones that are going to break away from the pack. Leverage your data and build the team you need to capture market share and dominate your space. Start building the team you want.