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Software & Technology Sales Recruiters
Recruiting Software Sales Talent in Denver since 2004.
Denver Software & Technology Sales Recruiters

Recruiting SaaS Sales Talent In Denver

Eleven companies in the Denver area made the Fortune 500 list in 2020. Colorado is a significant employer for companies like Ball Aerospace, EchoStar, Coors Brewing Company, Dish Network, Frontier Airlines, JD Edwards, Liberty Mutual, King Soopers, Red Robin, United Airlines, Lockheed Martin, TCBY, RE/MAX, and more. Getting the right software sales professional on board for your Denver team is filled with opportunities to do business with some of the most impressive companies in the United States.


We recruit sales talent across the nation, and hiring exceptional sales performers is something no thriving business can do without. It takes focused attention and market expertise to make strong sales hiring decisions. We’ve completed hundreds of sales hires and can help you find highly matched software sales talent for your Southwest openings.

Achieve Your Revenue Growth Goals and Partner with Sales Recruiting Experts
–Work with a sales recruiter who is experienced. It takes time to become a market insider. Work with a recruiter who knows your space and has extensive experience recruiting in your market.
Stop waiting. The average recruit may apply to a job posting. But TOP sales talent doesn’t answer ads. The value we bring is our proven process that produces well-matched sales talent.
Interested? We partner with tech companies and can help you attract, engage, recruit, and hire best-in-class sales talent because we know what it takes to recruit the best.

Recruiting Denver Based All-Star Sales Talent Is Competitive​

  • Specialization means we’re recruiting software and technology sales talent every day and have been for years. We know the market and can help you quickly recruit new hires.
  • Sales expertise keeps us focused on sales recruits only. We don’t recruit IT professionals or accountants. Just salespeople. That means we’ll be able to quickly find candidates who might be right for your sales opening.
  • Listening means we take the time to understand what’s important to you when considering your next hire. Every client we have has unique concerns, challenges, and objectives. We’ll find out what matters to you.

Interview the Talent You Need to Meet Your Hiring Goals

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Since 2004 Optimal Sales Search has been helping innovative companies across the nation accelerate growth by hiring high-performance sales and sales leadership.