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Advance Your Sales Career by Taking Control of the Interview Process

This is the first in a five-part series on Interviewing In a Competitive Job Market. These points will be broken out over the next five posts with three points each. These techniques have been used by some of the best salespeople across the country to put their sales careers on the fast track. 

Twenty Traits that Help You Put Your Best Foot Forward in Any Sales Interview


1.      Research – I am still amazed at the number of people who show up to meetings or interviews and are not prepared. If you are still “winging it” you might consider how this is limiting your career opportunities and your income. There are a lot of ways to prepare for a meeting.

  • A few basics include reviewing the following information:
  • Executive leadership team (Website, Crunchbase)
  • Leadership team changes (LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Google News)
  • Funding sources (LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Google News, Website)
  • Product portfolio (Website)
  • LinkedIn insights tab (LinkedIn)
  • Blog posts (Website)
  • News announcements (Google Search)
  • Visit the profile of the person you’re meeting with, and invite them to connect (LinkedIn)

This is by no means covering all you need to know, but don’t go into an interview without finding out about the basics. If you’re “too busy” because you’re working, remember that the best jobs are competitive, most people are in the same situation you are in, and you’ll need to find the time or let the opportunity pass by.

2.      Get Organized- You’ll need to take notes during the interview process. You’ll want to refer back to them later on as things move forward. Since you may or may be using the tools your current employer provides you, you’ll need to create a system of organization separate from your current employer’s systems.

This means you’ll have to calendar things differently and store information on a different drive/folder. Don’t make the mistake of using employer resources in your job search, as you’ll risk the possibility of exposing your search to your current employer. Make a separate space for your job search, and keep it organized and easily accessible.

3.      Think Strategically- To make a good decision about what roles you’ll take on next, you’ll need to get very clear on yourself, your future, and your goals. A salesperson who understands what they want will have a productive and rewarding career. A salesperson overly focused on the wrong variables can wind up wasting some of their best selling years in the wrong company. Become strategic about your future and take the time to reflect on your key strengths and areas you need to improve.

Next Post: Part 2- Challenges, Opportunities, and Your Value


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