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Recruit Hunters

Hiring Sales Hunters

Missing Out on New Clients?

Recruiting Hunters are the Key to Winning More New Business 


Our specialty is recruiting sales talent who knows how to proactively win new business. Our recruitment solutions are focused on discovering the kind of sales talent who will help you exceed quota.

We can help you find the kind of salespeople who know how to drive interest, start new conversations, and solve complex problems.

The kind of people who can get prospective customers to make tough decisions and implement changes that will drive their businesses forward.

When we recruit for hunters we’re looking for sales candidates who:

  • Understand how to proactively target prospects.
  • Use ALL channels: phone, email, and social media to prospect for new business.
  • Are motivated and consistent in their new business acquisition strategies.
  • Adaptable, flexible, and constantly iterating sales processes based on what’s working and what’s not.
  • Have a history of winning new business by using a sales methodology rather than “winging it.”

All-Star Hunters are Playing a Different Game

Hiring Strong Hunters Shouldn't be as Rare as Going to the Moon

Your sales team can be one of your strongest competitive advantages. But if it ever becomes a weak link, it will be impossible to attain the growth you need to attract capital, potential suitors, or influential executive talent.  Avoid sales recruiting pitfalls by working with an experienced team. We’ve already taken 17 years of bullets so you don’t have to. 

Hiring Non-hunters

Hiring an Account Manager or a Channel Rep is not what you need when you're looking for a hunter. We know how to tell the difference.

Sales Gig Mentality

Most hunters eventually want out. It's fun for a while, and then they want to manage, account manage, minimize travel, or move into another department. This can be easy to miss because it's nuanced and spotting it is an advanced career saver.

On the way out

Not everyone is cut out for a sales role. Sometimes salespeople lose their mojo and think moving to another company might be the answer. Perhaps they've missed their quota one too many times. A new company will provide them a fresh start. and restart the quota clock.

the lucky

We know how to weed out the lucky from the scrappy. True hunters can't depend on multiple SDRs, in-bound leads, $$MM marketing budgets, house accounts and hot markets.

We can help you avoid common sales hiring mistakes when recruiting for HUNTERS. 

Let's Discuss Your Sales Hiring Goals

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