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Hiring for your team? SaaS Sales Recruiters for Growing EdTech Companies. Recruiting Dynamic Software Talent since 2004.

EdTech SaaS Sales Recruiters

Recruiting EdTech SaaS Sales Talent

Bringing you experienced EdTech SaaS Sales Talent. Whether you’re recruiting for AEs, Sr AEs, K-12, or Higher Education reps, we can help! 

Since 2004 we have been recruiting the talent our clients need to grow their client base and meet their revenue goals. If you are ready to build your dream team and want to avoid all the traps, we can help you speed up your timeline. The longer you wait to get started, the longer it takes to start winning new business.  

Find The Right EdTech Recruiters

We recruit sales talent across the nation. No matter where you’re looking for your next hire, we can help you find the right people for your team. 

Get more of the right people on your sales team now.

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We’re more experienced than your average EdTech recruiters. We’ve helped small, private, international, bootstrapped, and startups recruit EdTech sales talent quickly. Once we have an agreement in place, you’ll start seeing candidates in as few as 5-10 business days. How fast you take them through the interview process is up to you!

We will meet via Zoom to discuss your search, identify the target profile, and then launch your search. Because we are in the search business, rather than the “staffing” business, we don’t rely on job postings to attract and recruit sales talent. We headhunt the right people who fit your profile. This takes time, but the caliber of candidates exceeds those you’ll find with other less deliberate strategies.

Once we’ve identified and met with potential targets, and mutual interest has been established, we’ll arrange interviews for our client companies. We work with our clients and candidates throughout the entire interview process until the search has successfully concluded.

Maybe you’ve posted the role and had little to no response. Perhaps you had someone on target who was referred but things went south at the end of the process. Now a month or so has passed, and the role is still open. You need this role filled and you can’t afford to wait. We’ll help you find the EdTech salespeople you need to succeed and we can do it quicker than you might expect! Because we have a sub-niche focus in EdTech, we are the premier EdTech Sales Recruiters who can attract highly-matched sales talent for your openings.

Our fees vary depending on the search and your search priorities. We are not the cheapest recruiting agency you will uncover, but many of our clients count us as the best. We’ve had some of our clients for over a decade which is almost unheard of in the constantly and ever-changing tech business.

Contact us and let’s set up a time to review your requirements. You can email us at [email protected]. We will get back to you same business day with potential times for a call to discuss your search.

I’ve worked with Sonja for over a year, and I continue to be amazed at her professionalism and abilities. Sonja is more than a recruiter. She is a subject matter expert and consultant for developing a SaaS sales team. Sonja always seems to find multiple qualified candidates to fit our very specific job descriptions. Her strong knowledge of SaaS sales is especially beneficial if you are building your sales team. I highly recommend Sonja to help with your SaaS sales team recruitment efforts.


Lindsey LeCuyer, COO

PLS 3rd Learning

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Since 2004 Optimal Sales Search has been helping innovative companies across the nation accelerate growth by hiring high-performance sales and leadership talent.