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SaaS Sales Recruiters Helping You Hire the People You Want

Finally work with a recruiting firm you didn’t think was out there.

Software as a Service Sales Recruiters

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SaaS Recruiting Expertise

Recruiting services that help you attract specialized sales talent faster. Specializing in the software industry allows us to help our clients find highly-matched talent in 5-10 business days.

Our SaaS sales recruiters make it easy for software companies to hire the talent they need. Period. This kind of focus increases our ability to consistently deliver strong results. 

We can help you eliminate days, weeks, and sometimes months from the recruiting process. Now you can get hours back to focus on what matters to you most.

Our SaaS sales recruiters work with experienced sales professionals. We don’t bet on potential. This is by design. The number one trait we look for in our candidates is a track record of success. We are in constant contact with proven performers.

One Point of Contact

Work with one recruiter for all your sales recruiting needs. We can help you recruit top SaaS talent in any region.

Nationwide SaaS Sales Recruiters

Our most active markets include:

  • Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego

  • New York, New Jersey, Boston, Tri-state Area

  • Denver, Dallas, Chicago, Austin, Atlanta

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Clock of Growth, Strategy, and Development.

Start-Up, Expansion, High-Growth
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What’s your situation? 

Growing your startup? 

We’ve worked with many startups over the years. Several have been acquired. And some have successfully gone public. Startups need reps who can work through countless obstacles. Resourceful team members who get the work done. Determined gritty folks who can suffer a few rain storms without getting overly distracted from their goals.

Private or Public, is it time to expand? 

Working with companies in expansion mode, we know there’s a growing focus on reps who can win their own business. We know finding someone who is wired to take initiative is a rare find. If you’re in growth mode and ready to hire sales reps, we know you can’t afford to hire reps without these qualities.

New to the US market? 

We’ve helped hundreds of companies around the globe expand their reach to the United States. If you’re expanding and hiring in the United States, we can help you recruit your US sales team.

Don’t have time?

Short on time and in need an extra pair of hands? We’ve stepped in and quickly delivered. If you have recruiting deadlines to meet, we can help increase the talent pipeline and hit aggressive hiring goals.

Contact Experienced SaaS Sales Recruiters

The easy way to start interviewing highly matched sales talent! 

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SaaS Sales Recruiters | National Reach | USA
Since 2004 Optimal Sales Search has been helping innovative companies across the nation accelerate growth.