Proven Sales Search & Recruitment

Recruiting SOFTWARE & TECHNOLOGY Sales Professionals

With over 10 years of search experience, we understand how to attract, recruit and deliver exceptional sales talent at the staff, management, and executive levels.

We don't wait around for the right candidates to notice us. We don't think you should either. 

We actively recruit sales professionals for your sales openings. Because we specialize in the software industry and only recruit for the sales function, we can recruit on-target candidates in half the time.

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When we'RE ON THE Job

Meet the best talent in your market, not the best of who's applied. When you work with us you can count on:

  • Rapid results. Need to hire yesterday? We get our clients Rapid Results.

  • We don't let our clients’ time go up in smoke with counter offers and offer turn-downs.

  • Discuss and go. No training required. You'll get a hands-on, experienced recruiter. We've already made ALL the rookie recruiting mistakes.

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 What's our proven formula for success?

In a nutshell, we get results. Work with a focused, specialized, and hands-on sales recruiter. Our clients count on us to deliver strong candidates for their most important sales positions. 

  • Unlike generalist recruitment firms, we specialize in the sales function for software sales talent. Period. We already know what "good" looks like.

  • Commitment to follow-up and follow-through. We'll see your search through to a successful conclusion.

  • Proven approach to identifying specialized sales talent.

Need a Hand?

Contact Optimal Sales Search to discuss your sales-hiring needs! Work with a sales recruiter who understands how important a key sales hire is to your organization.

We know what a difference even one great sales hire can make. Contact us today at 510.227.6677;